Cultural Diversity Intolerance

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Cultural diversity intolerance comes about whenever a given cultural grouping or a tribe of people seems to value their ways of life at the expense of any other individual in existence. This shouldn’t be the case because all these values of societies are purely imaginary and none is 100% correct and so to be accepted everywhere in the world. Some of the catalysts of cultural diversity intolerance include issues such as color of the skin, competition for resources like land as well as the trade grounds.

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I don’t support the cultural intolerance based on any issue because its advanced levels are the breeding avenues for the tribalism, nepotism and corruption if left uncovered.

For many years, the able nations as well as the so called developed countries have been viewed to posses the best cultures that ought to be copied by the rest all over the globe. To posses that cultural value from that simple and less known group of people has not been a good topic of debate but with the increasing levels of immigration it should be given priority. In the present day society, ones cultural background matters less in terms of their well-being or even success in their endeavors.

Now the problem emanates in the comparison of the individual from the super cultural zones with those from the less regarded cultural society backgrounds, for instance western culture versus African cultures. Does a graduate need to be in possession of the western cultural ways or even the African cultural values to manage a firm? Or else does one need the mix of the two cultures to fit well in the job market where he/she is assigned to work? Does one need to have known the ways of the western culture in order to qualify for a western job or the African job respectively? What does the governments of these countries/cultural zones do to alleviate the growing mountains of intolerance?

Does the society educate the young on the importance of the accepting and tolerating the other regardless of their ethnic backgrounds? With all this speculations the topic has become a very intriguing argument one. What people around the globe need to know is that performance of an individual is not pegged onto the background which he/she comes from but rather the values that has been passed to the person as he grew up in that society. An African graduate can be as productive as the American graduate in their working environments.

Since the world especially the modern world tends to appreciate the works of the white leaving out the good values of the blacks much seems to be piling up in the minds of the generations over the time. This argument is basically grounded on the imaginary variables only to associate corrupt nature as well as the nagging character to the black cultures. In the article “”Ethnic identity in adolescents and adults.

Review of research. Psychological Bulletin, 108, 499-514″” by Phinney.J continues to add that “”ethnic/racial identity formation groups largely depends on the process of exploration which is said to include questioning of the pre-existing ethnic attitudes as well as the values then searching deep into the past and present experiences of individual group and how it relates to the other groups of people around.”” This idea by Phinney.J can only be validated if only in reality the above happens but it doesn’t. This can be evidenced when a certain recruitment process is being done; it’s very common to realize that the employer is so much concerned with the nationality rather than to just explore the habits possessed by the employee in relation to the work ahead. Individuals shouldn’t be ranked in terms of their nationality, tribe or even the skin color for the maximized cultural tolerance.

It should be noted that there lies some good values in every society in the globe and hence there is need to accommodate each individual for the well being of the interaction issues. It would be worth for each individual to realize that each being was created with a unique ability in possession of. To draw an absurd example from the increasing tribal clashes being witnessed in the third world countries; there shows a clear mismatch between the warring tribes and so they resolve to fights. Okay it can be agreed that it’s not very easy to live together at times but with cultural diversity tolerance one can decide to assume the eating habits of the neighbor or even encourage intermarriages to enhance cross-culturalization.

In statistics it’s found that most Black African employees have been involved in a corrupt deal in one way or the other but the governments in position seem to care very little as compared to areas like the America whereby any record of corruption is highly punishable by the sitting government. In essence as much as we advocate for the acceptance of each other, the governments of individual continents/ countries should be in forefront in streamlining their citizens to make them acceptable all over the globe otherwise the intolerance shall grow the more.

As per the article “”The study of culture, ethnicity and race in American Psychology”” By American Psychologist, 48, 629-637; it argues that “”we believe that the study of variations in psychological phenomena between ethnic groups is relevant as far as the specific variable of theoretical interest is measured and related to the relevant psychological phenomena.’ In reality not all the times what are measured are the actual societal phenomena.

In this regard it can be agreed that there exists a range of the variables related to ethnicity such as the ethnic identification, perceived discrimination as well as bilingualism according to Sue,1998; Sue&Zane,1987. Knowledge of this would reduce the confusion that comes along with the lack of knowledge or possession of little knowledge about ethnicity and its essence to the today’s society. For this reason it would be very important that all the meeting centers where more than five individuals verge at; then cultural tolerance must be preached in order to see an all round individuals in the near future.

It is worth noting that all individual on the globe have one similarity or the other both in life styles that has to do with perception to matters of personality. In this regard the areas that have been said to be in possession of the dominant cultures over the others should learn to appreciate the other’s cultures too. For example a tribe in Africa that doesn’t know the value of the classroom education but instead value the informal ways of learning, should be approached politely.

This will make it possible for them to see first the agent of change is appreciating what they do rather than just storming them as if they are practicing a mere evil practice. In this way, the tribe would be receptive to the new change though it may not be instant as the agents would wish; at least they witness a gradual change. Though this tribe at the end of the day they may choose to denounce their ways of life and adopt that of the incumbent, at least it won’t be that painful as that case whereby someone comes to just kill their cultures individually and plant their own.

On average as I grew up I underwent some rites of passage that now I can’t explain their validity to growth but I had to pass through them because I belonged to the society in particular. In an anonymous article it says that ‘whatever is done by your society you have to do it by default.’ This made it possible for even the men in the religious foundations to undergo a certain form of cultural rites such as circumcision at a certain age.

This would symbolize their right to belong to the given society. According to the Christian Bible, Genesis 17; 10-14, it says that god instructed Abraham to circumcise himself first, then own descendants (households) as well as his slaves as an everlasting covenant of the flesh. Those who rejected this rite were supposed to “”cut off”” from the lineage of Abraham. This alludes to the current society that regardless of the level of education one may possess; the societal norms must be treasured most. There is no point of another tribe/ nationality coming in to proof another group of individuals that whatever they are practicing is generally bad. No culture is very clean it’s just a matter of proof and acceptance that some seem to be super over the rest.

In the article; “”Multiculturalism or Transculturalism: Towards a Cosmopolitan Citizenship”” by Cuccioletta, Donald, argues that for a healthy living in the society then each one should show their value to the other. In this manner there shall not be cases of neglection based on the tribes, cultures as well as color. The article multiculturalism continues to add that every individual is very crucial for the existence of the so called society; a social structure comprised of several groups of people living together.

It’s on this community based structure where every other individual’s culture is highly respected for the sake of peace and cohesivity to be witnessed. I recommend this handbook though shallowly it contains some very useful tips towards the oneness of a given society and hence cultural diversity tolerance. These values of a given society are transferred from a generation to the next only when are protected and preserved otherwise a given society may end up getting drowned by other cultures leaving out theirs forever.

Its agreeable that not every culture should be passed on to the forthcoming generation based on some security and personal views; like a culture that discourages interaction of communities and rather encourages civil wars in case of the interaction, then it should be cut off and replaced with a valuable culture (Phinney.J, 2014).

A society that is growing must open their doors to learn their neighbor’s ways of life. This is an idea that may not be fully accepted across the borders but it’s very practical and essential if only the individuals involved are willing to accept the deal and are ready for the change to come. It’s through these acceptance ways we are able to learn of the values that are not open to us from far about the other individual.

As per the Foundations-of-Anthropological-Thought, It’s through these values of each other society whereby the individuals in a given society learn to tolerate other person’s differences. In anthropology as the study of the human societies, cultures and their development, it’s possible to see how the ancient societies interacted through such institutions as marriage, trade as well as peacemaking moments. To the contrary in the today’s lifestyles these uniting factors are dying slowly as each day begins. These shouldn’t be the case but it’s catalyzed mostly by the rural to urban migration leaving a gap in the generations’ mind.

Mostly, the affected groups are the immigrants into the given urban set-up because they are not allowed to bring their ways of life into the ‘city’ so they would rather drop theirs and absorb the urban ways of life. The resultant behavior output of the migrating groups will be the loss of their very own culture which is followed by the subsequent struggle to cope with the newly developed way of life. In the view of the matter as an observer, there are possibilities of friction to appear between the residents and the new members of the city in terms of values and characteristics towards a certain thing(s).

For instance, if a society treasures agriculture in their culture and maybe as a result of the outputs/profits they have been generating out of the same practice. Again, if by chance these group of people moves to the urban set-ups where resources such as land is very much limited, then the given group of people are forced to denounce their agricultural activities in order to fit in the set up well. As a result some of the individuals in the given example won’t be able to settle down comfortably in the cultural ways of another group (et al, 2011) and as a result there arises intolerance of the culture.

Research on intolerance in 90 preindustrial societies suggests that “”when there are clearly psychological causes for intergroup conflict, groups ultimately use communication to create ‘who’ the enemy is and how one should demonstrate or show intolerance”” (Ross, 1991). In this regard the society at which a given intolerance is experienced then there exist the issue of time and period within the individual’s minds.

As a result the psychological force that acts as the driving forces towards the fight are gratified in the process though it may not be favorable to each individual involved in the play. In real sense one may fight for what might look appealing to him/her at a given time and after some time, they change and begin to have a different view towards the same thing. A tribe or a community that thinks that their ways of life are the best always and hence should be trusted and embraced by everyone are vulnerable to suffer from the above phenomenon.

Racism is another case that largely plays a role in the cultural intolerance and mostly it has a lot to do with the way a person views the other one from the adjacent tribe. In my view racism increases with increase in differences of the individuals in a society and as a result, people choose to allude all this to such practices to color as well as cultural values of the individual persons. Although such regions like the United States at first they thought that issues of racism aren’t part of their debates as they argued that class is the primary distinction rather than race.

Recently in the same areas cases are being recorded of the overt racism, social media abuse as well as the killings of the unarmed blacks by the police (according to the U.S news). Racism being based on the supposedly biological distinction of skin color, it adds no value to segregate people based on their creation nature or the area of origin. This is because no one who had/has control over where he/she is to be born at; reason being everyone is born to a certain society and there he/she traces identity at. (Banton, 1987; Omi &Winant, 1986) view the issue of racism as has more to do with culture as compared to the color of the skin. They view the issue of racism as more catalyzed by the issue of the cultural differences of the people involved. At any instant it doesn’t hold any value to strongly condemn an individual based on the culture difference or even the complexion of the individual.

As an immigrant or an agent of immigration society, people should learn to tolerate each other both in ideas as well as the whole nature of the individual for reasons of peace and coexistence of the society. Assuming that cultural intolerance started long ago as early as preindustrial era, then very few people would have survived the hardships of rejection as well as disunity created by the neighboring communities.

I won’t approve or disapprove those who migrate to such culturally volatile zones like Palestine or generally United Arab Emirates for some of them go there in search of better economic grounds to start from or even trade grounds and in the process they face the wrath of the cultural intolerance. Some are molested, abused in all forms just because they have different origin with the natives of the land. Globally these are some of the thing that no government as well as religious institution should keep the eye closed on them; this is because they are harmful practices and they cost the world unity a lot.

To sum up on this topic on the cultural diversity intolerance, there is need to appreciate that each person belongs to a given cultural society and none is super over the other. According to “”Cultures and Values In Human Society”” as recorded in Essays, UK. (November 2013), its argued that every individual has a society that he/she belongs to at a given moment and so it’s that impossible to talk about the cultural diversity strategies without firstly taking care individual’s culture wholly. For there is none who exists alone in the community or a given society; then we can’t ignore the contribution of each person’s cultural presence on the world. Additionally; the cultural environment that a person finds himself/herself, it has a direct impact to the person for life.

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