Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Cultural diversity in the areas of work is essential since it mirrors the differences of people at the level of society (Anjorini and Jansari, 2018). The numerous cultural differences that can be observed at the workplace include religion, age, gender, social status, and sexual orientation. To start with, different people hold different spiritual views and practice different morals and behaviors that relate to spiritual elements. Also, individuals at the workplace are diverse in their ages with some coming from different generations. In addition, gender differences in the workplace mean that people are denoted separately based on their biological identities.

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Moreover, the social status of individuals is also observed and it is based on the levels of schooling and their financial position. Finally, sexual orientation can be observed at the workplace and it is an individual and cultural identity based on physical attractions.

The culture of an individual can have an impact on his or her response to work hours and schedule flexibility due to religious practices. Some religions, for instance, require an individual to take time off during work days to worship or celebrate. The time off required can have an impact on output and execution of responsibilities due to absence at the workplace. Additionally, culture difference can influence the response to advancement due to the social values which can discourage career advancement for certain members such as women. Moreover, the cultural difference can also influence their response to travel requirements due to aspects such as dressing and the individual can be subject to inhumane travel conditions.

In my opinion, organization leaders should try and adjust workplace standards to unique cultural values in order to embrace diversity. The modern workplace employs people from local and international countries who come from diverse cultural backgrounds. Adjusting the standards helps ensure that all employees feel accepted and embraced by the organization.

The incident which involves a faith-based adoption agency and the Michigan state is an example of a current event which requires a leader to utilize a keen sense of cultural awareness. The matter has been reported by CNN and involves an adoption agency which is suing the Michigan state for declining to work with the agency since it refused to admit children from same-sex couples (Lou and Griggs, 2019). The adoption agency which is faith-based declined to take in the children since it believes same-sex unions are sinful. Cultural sensitivity is important in this case since it helps embrace different cultures and positions and allows leaders to tolerate and accept all cultures without resentment. By embracing cultural sensitivity leaders can be able to make determinations that are fair to all parties.”

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