Diversity Management in the Workplace

With respect to the case study involving diversity management in the workplace of Riverbend City, it is imperative to create a working environment which embraces diversity. The essence of encouraging diversity programs and initiatives is so as to yield benefits to all employees of the organization with none feeling excluded from the workplace environment.

Appreciation of the different roles employees perform in the workplace, respecting the differences amongst the employees and understanding the different capabilities of the members of the organization creates an environment whereby each and every individual excels in his or her area of expertise.

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Achieving the above diversity milestones in an organization can be completed by enrolling out management policies and programs which uphold diversity in the workplace. Policies such as encouraging contrasting perspectives should be encouraged since they lead to having improved team success and productivity.

Embracing of diversity leads to all the employees having boosted morale as well as the motivation among them is increased. The standards of delivery of work are also deemed to increase relative to the manner in which diversity is tolerated in an organization.

Employees in an environment which encourages diversity are observed to be ready to work in that environment for long-term periods, retention of them is easy as well as their progression career wise is easily attainable and realistic. A vibrant environment which is nurturing and inclusive of all employees should be encouraged so as to avoid the pitfalls that have been observed in the case study of Riverbend City.

It is the duty of managers and those in leadership positions in organizations to facilitate diversity through the actions they undertake. Moreover, they should be willing to point out incidences whereby diversity has been threatened by employees.

Reference List

Chapter 2, “Organizational Diversity

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