New People, Foreign Land, and Cultural Diversity

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Updated: Aug 15, 2023
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Franklin Roosevelt once said, “Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” From a young age, we are taught that the people who founded this land were from Europe, yet we are often not aware that they, too, were immigrants. Each year, millions of foreign-born people undertake the lengthy process of becoming U.S. citizens. Immigration can be a long-awaited yet challenging process that, at times, may lower or dehumanize a person’s character.

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However, immigration is necessary because it bolsters the economy, fills low-skilled jobs, and encourages cultural diversity within the country. These are the primary reasons why I believe immigration should not be made illegal.

The economy is a major aspect of supporting a country, especially one as large as the U.S. Often, people migrate to America in search of a better life, bringing with them hope for a good job. The possibility of receiving extremely skilled labor increases the chances of U.S. companies securing the best individuals for their firms. The text states, “Allow U.S. companies to staff their offices with the most talented candidates available and remain competitive in the global market. Prosperity enjoyed in one sector of the U.S. economy can lead to growth in other sectors and increase local employment opportunities” (“2018-2019 National Debate Topic”). This illustrates how many immigrants who enter the U.S. can help it stay competitive in the global market with other nations.

The U.S. has the largest consumer market in the world; it is no surprise that so many people want to participate in it. According to the text, “They may be attracted by the country’s business-friendly culture or seek to pursue high-paying jobs. Whereas many immigrants to the United States were historically drawn by the country’s fertile land and industrial advances, economic migrants of the twenty-first century have sought opportunities in many areas, including computer technology, construction, education, agriculture, manufacturing, and domestic work, including childcare and housekeeping” (“Immigration”). This shows that many immigrants who come to America often boost our economy and are looking not only for a better place to do business, but also for substantial support for their families. Immigration enhances the U.S. economy and keeps America at the top of the global market.

Low-skilled jobs are not sought as often as many other jobs, for the reason that they either don’t pay enough or are not of interest. It is known that immigrants often fill many jobs that regular citizens would never want to do. The text states, “noting that most immigrants pay taxes, work jobs that native-born Americans may be unable or unwilling to perform, and enrich their local communities” (“Immigrants”). This demonstrates that many immigrants do the jobs that many other people are unwilling to undertake. You rarely see a white man or woman working in the fields or trying to start a low-income business; typically, you only see that from immigrants. Work visas for the U.S take about 3 to 4 months to obtain, but many times people do not get accepted.

According to the text, “Regardless of the category of visa for which a person applies, the application process does not guarantee a visa, and fees are not returned if the visa request is rejected” (“2018-2019 National Debate Topic”). This shows that even the fees, which cost around 100 dollars or more, are not returned. Many times, the people who want these work visas are merely trying to support their families and looking for a better place of work. Many lower-skilled jobs are filled by the immigrants who need the money to support their families. With these low-skilled jobs being filled, it is better for the country and the people who live here.

Diversity is what makes a person different from everyone else, and what makes a country different from others. Our nation was founded by immigrants, and that is what makes America so great. Giving that up will degrade it. According to the text, “Increasing the number of immigrants legally permitted to enter the United States helps cultivate cosmopolitanism and cultural diversity. The United States was founded as a nation of immigrants, and turning away aspiring Americans goes against the country’s ideals” (“2018-2019 National Debate Topic”). This shows how immigrants coming into the country are actually helping the diversity within the country. Today, many things are changing due to new power in charge. The text states, “No more than 675,000 people may become permanent immigrants in any one year. Some exceptions may be made for immediate or other close family members” (Rudy). This shows how many people are allowed to enter the country, but this will soon be closing since immigration might become illegal. A lot of the culture within America will be lost if immigration becomes illegal, and then America wouldn’t be the same.

Then again, immigration could have many cons as opposed to pros. Many problems can come with immigration, including increased crime, threats, and more. Bringing in people from other countries could harm the citizens of this country. The text states, “Any easing of immigration restrictions could provide foreign terrorists and other criminals with more opportunities to bring misfortune upon the United States. More aggressive background checks will allow law enforcement to identify threats before a visa is issued” (“2018-2019 National Debate Topic”). This highlights how immigration can usher in misfortune and escalate criminal activity in America. Furthermore, often the individuals wanting to enter the country will resort to any means necessary, including deception.

According to the text, “In 2018, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) created a new office to investigate naturalized citizens and legal permanent residents who may have misrepresented themselves on their immigration applications. If the office believes someone has violated federal law by providing false information, a recommendation is made to the DOJ to have a judge review the person’s situation” (“Immigration”). Wanting something so badly can lead to making drastic decisions to get what we want. Alternatively, if this is not a motive, hiding one’s true identity could be another motivator. Immigration can also pose a threat to our country, illustrating that it could potentially become a negative factor.

In conclusion, immigration can bring a significant amount of positivity to our country and its economy. It not only fills many low-skilled and low-payment jobs that people don’t normally pursue but are necessary, it also enhances the cultural diversity within the country. This diversity is invaluable and should be preserved by continuing to welcome immigrants. However, like all things, immigration can have its negatives along with the positives. But we should not let the potential drawbacks overshadow the numerous benefits it brings.

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