Who was the Seventh President of the United States

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Andrew Jackson

And he was a nice leader he was born on March 15th1767 And died onJune 8th 18 Who was the president of 1829 to 1837 Who was a general of the United States Army. He’s work for both houses of Congress. Thomas Jefferson was a author of the Declaration of Independence and he was a third US president of the United States Also he wrote Common Sense

Andrew Jackson was one of the few people to work both houses of Congress which is very surprising 7 president he was our seventh president he served our country well and we need more people like Andrew Jackson He was a hero of the New Orleans he is they made New Orleans he is like a king of New Orleans.

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Thomas Jefferson what he got the Louisiana purchase in 1803 Atlanta charging from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains four minute 15 million $ each so it made the United States bigger and one single stretch emburge Act so he push the bar will act through Congress so there would be no wars with other countries and he reduce the size of the army in the naval expansion ending and he lowered the government costs.

Thomas Jefferson was a Democrat and a trashy Republican many judges were federal list and they blocked his ideas I would trade problems with Britain and France they didn’t want to train with us they were at war and they were at war Barbary pirates were stealing some of the United States ships and causing problems in the United States

The terror of 1828 almost separated the nation The Cherokee Indians Clared a dependent nice ship within the US border accents in nor the supreme court and force them to move west. Rights movement of South Carolina it allows use of force to enforce the law to enforce

Andrew Jackson was not such a good leader but Thomas Jefferson is one of the good is leaders in the United States to this day. Andrew Jackson Did Jackson was a bad person he made many people like the Indians move across the United States just so they could have land to the United States that was a bad idea this up Thomas Jefferson didn’t say anything because he was fine with the Indians being where they were.

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