Andrew Jackson: Bad Guy and Bad Presiden?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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President andrew jackson was a very bad guy and a bad president. In his life like execute soilders when they miss behaved or messes up in some way. He also was in may duals so he has killed a lot of people he stole money from the bank for him and his friends he put himself before the U.S.He thought that the bank was giving more money to the rich and not enough to the poor and sick He was in a constant fight with the bank he thought that everything that they stood for was completely wrong.

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He was a supporter of slavery and made people leave their homes and walk to arkansaw and even held them at gunpoint. He decided to do the spoil system which was fire people to hire his own people for his own benefit.There was a scandal about his friend that he got exposed for and very embarrassed.He was such a volatile person he would do terrible things to his soldiers and executed a few people.

Andrew jackson was a big slave owner he started off with only 9 slaves but then by 1820 had around 44 and later on owned about 150 African American slaves in the plantation. He co owned the Halcyon plantation with his son Andrew Jackson jr. in coahoma county mississippi which housed 51 slaves at the time of Andrew Jackson’s time of death. He died june 8 1845 in hermitage nashville TN he died of disease called tuberculosis.

Andrew jackson was such a violate man that he was in 103 duals most were to protect the honor of his wife but he kept 37 pistols ready to be used for a dual at all time. Charles dickson was one of the many men that andrew jackson fought in a dual. Charles dickson was a very experienced marksmen but still died from injuries in the duel with andrew jackson. Although he managed to shoot andrew jackson as well but jackson survived.

During the war of 1812 andrew jackson executed 6 soldiers that tried to leave there service before there three month enlistment term jackson also defeated john quincy adams in that time. In conclusion i think Andrew Jackson was a bad guy and did some bad things as president as well but he also did some good things in his life and in his presidential term like he adopted two indian kids and there’s more that he did that was good but all together i would have to say the bad outweighs the good.

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