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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The term federalist indicates a person or a group of members who support the constitution and system of the government. Federalists originated in opposition to the democratic-republican party in America during the presidency of George Washington. believed in a centralized national government and felt like the constitution was to out and open for interpretation. Many don’t know or understand the difference between the two terms federalists and anti-federalist. As said before federalists support the constitution and system of the government, and Anti-federalist don’t.

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Anti-federalists oppose ratification of the constitution, meaning they don’t support the constitution as much, or at all as a federalist would. Anti-federalist believes that the constitution grants too much will and power to federalist’s courts. They believed that a strong central government would betray the principles of the revolution and create tyranny. Anti-federalist was afraid of a strong centralized government, so they refused to support the constitution with or without the government. Anti- federalists felt without the bill of rights the people would not be protected and would be at risks of oppression. Federalist on the other hand believed that the constitution was very much necessary, and the people would not be at risks in any way, because the constitution stood only for the government and not the people. Some notable anti-federalists were Thomas Jefferson, Patrick henry, and George Mason. Some notable federalists were Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay.

Through presidency Washington believed that political controversy was not to be mentioned. Although Washington believed that political controversy was not to be mentioned, he quietly supported the federalist party. Alexander Hamilton became the Federalist Spokesperson. A little information about Hamilton is, He rose to prominence in the Revolution serving as Washington’s Aide as a Lieutenant Colonel, he was also secretary of treasury and chief of his administration. Following the Revolution, he served in the Confederation Congress and quickly became a leading figure in the new American Government becoming Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton had a plan, which was to retire old depreciated obligations by borrowing new money at a lower interest rate. He Believed that the U.S. needed the support of the wealthy and powerful to make a strong system work. Believed that the national government should assume state debts from the revolution. Hamilton also believed a national bank could loan to businesses, collect taxes, and house government funds. Hamilton envisioned a new nation of business and industry. Federalists believed that new taxes would provide the funds to pay for interest on loans. Hamilton and the federalists wanted a strong centralized government, he wanted it ran by well-educated property owners. Thomas Jefferson and the democratic-republicans wanted most power to stay within the states and wanted the farmers and common men.

The democratic-republicans party was formed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The democratic-republican was one of the first two parties in the united states. The democratic republicans feared a strong national government, they believed the constitution was a strict hardcore document, that limited powers of the federal government. The Democratic-republicans and Thomas Jefferson wanted majority of the power to stay within the states. Hamilton and Jefferson were for the opposite parties. Hamilton thought stronger centralized governments were necessary, and Jefferson thought that having stronger governments was going to be a mistake and put the people at risk of oppression. Hamilton and his federalist believed that democratic-republican criticism of federalist policies was disloyal, and feared the people in the U.S would sympathize the French during the war. The democratic-republicans opposed centralizing policies of the new federal parties being ruled by Alexander Hamilton.

As leader of the democratic republicans, and leader of the land of the free. Thomas Jefferson lived up to majority of his own expectation, he was a very honest leader. Jefferson had a vison for America, his vision was to build a nation of sturdy independent farmers and businesses. One of his expectations that he set were to get higher education for all citizens even the non-whites, he believed all citizens should be well educated and informed in things going on around them. One expectation he didn’t live up to was the Louisiana purchase. At the time Louisiana belonged to the French, France had received much of Louisiana from Spain in 1802. The Louisiana purchase was a land purchase made by Thomas Jefferson during his presidency. Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory from France which was being led by Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon offered to sell the land, so he would have the money to get supplies and prepare for the great French war. To maintain peace with the U.S. and also raise much needed funds, Foreign Minister, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand agreed to a deal with Livingston. Made official on July 4, 1803. Louisiana Purchase was the largest peaceful acquisition of land in U.S. History. The Louisiana purchase is important because it gave the U.S control of the Mississippi river and the river of new Orleans, which were both used by farmers to ship their crops across the way and earn their earnings. After Louisiana became American property, it had a racially and ethnically diverse population of 43,000 people, of whom only 6,000 were American.

The Anti-federalist party became more influential in the growing republic, and the federalist party became more influential in the growing democrat. I say the anti-federalist became more influential for the growing republic because, they preferred a weaker and not so powerful centralized government, and that’s how republicans are today. They don’t want the government to be more powerful than they should be and ignore the state of people’s voice. I say the federalist became more influential in the growing democrat because, democrat’s today want the government to be in control, and more powerful. Democrats believed the constitution was a powerful document that limited powers of the federal government. Unlike the opposition federalist party, the democrat-republican party contended that the government did not have the right to adopt additional powers to fulfill its duties under the constitution.

Both the federalist, and anti-federalist had good arguments. The federalists party argues that the united states needed a strong government and strong executive branch, their primary goals were to serve as a portable advocate for the ratification of the constitution. while the anti-federalists argued how they wanted a weaker central government, Anti-federalists claimed the constitution gave the central government to much power, but with the Bill of Rights the people would not be at risks of oppression. In today’s society the more influential party would be the Anti-federalist party, which of today is known as the republican party. As of now Most citizens of the united states are republican, republicans oppose higher tax rates for higher earners, which mean they believe are unfairly targeted at those who create jobs and wealth. They also believe private spending is more efficient than government spending. Republicans believe in smaller federal government. They also believe as individual citizens of the U.S we should take responsibilities for our own circumstances. Democrats on the other hand support more government on social services. They oppose cutting of social services for example, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other welfare programs.

Federalists government would support strong federal presence in projects, and higher taxes like todays democrats, and Anti-federalists would support less powerful governments who support lower tax rates and oppose cutting social services like todays republicans.

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