Democratic Party in the United States

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The Democratic Party is one of the two major political parties in the United States.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt, along with his New Deal coalition in the year of the 1930s, the Democratic Party had promoted a liberal platform, whilst supporting social justices. The Democrats believed that the Constitution was a very strict piece of writing, laws, and promises. The opposition of the Federalist Party, the opposite of the Democratic/Republican Parties, whilst the Democratic Party contended that the government didn’t have the rights or authority to adopt the very “strict” lawful Constitution, the piece of writing written and signed by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington, our first president of the United States.

The Democratic Party of 1968, it was held on August the 26th through the 29th in Chicago, Illinois. Delegates flowed through the streets like a swarm of bees trying to attack, which they were really angry, so they swarmed into the International Amphitheatre to nominate the next presidential candidate. Thousands of protesters flowed in the streets to protest against the Vietnam War and the political stats. The Party was formed in 1792, while the president and/or leader of the Jeffersonian Republicans, republicans for Thomas Jefferson, emphasized its anti-aristocratic policies. The present name was adopted by Andrew Jackson in the 1830s. Sometime between the 1860s and the 1930s, the “Democratic” Party of a small government soon became a big government. Then came drama.

The Democratic National Convention started, it had a total of 200 members of it. It is composed of the chairs and vice-chairs. Each state for the Democratic Party committee elected in all 50 states and the territories. The chair is elected by the committee. The Democratic Party split because of the regional approach of the presidential election. Plus, because of the Democratic vote, it had spread so thinly, Republican Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president of the U.S, had defeated Douglas, Breckenridge, and Bell in the presidential election of 1860. So since the Democrats had split, they had defeated their own party.

The founding father of the Democratic Party is Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, and Martin Van Buren. They all were very responsible, very respectful and kind, and great attitude. The party chair belonged to Tom Perez. He was the leader for the party chair. The Democratic Party was founded on January 8, 1828. The headquarters for the Democratic was in Washington, D.C. The Democratic Party proceeded by the Democratic/Republican Parties. The Democratic Party election in 1948 split because of the winning of Truman. Truman’s surprising win was the 5th consecutive win for the Democratic Party. 

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