Electoral Process in the United States

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The Electoral College was put in place September six, seventeen eighty-seven, in a debate over the president election within the United States of America. Over the years it has been in place there was four times it did not correctly choose the president over the popular vote. The flaw always comes up with it not always working out the topic of debate that usually comes of is the removal of the Electoral College. It should stay in place and express the check and balances and the federalism that this country was founded on by the founding fathers.

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The Electoral College provides protection to states most importantly. There many reasons way the electoral college should be continued to be used and be used in our election process of the United States of America.

Keywords: federalism: the federal principle or system of government.

Electoral College

The Electoral College was first created in the constitution of United States of America in Seventeen eighty seven . It original purpose was to help make it a fair game for the president to get elected without giving too much power to the state level and the national level. The Electoral College consists of five hundred and thirty-eight electors, the president only needs two hundred and seventy electoral votes to win the election. The Electoral College is essential to the process of the government of the United States and every individual in the Nation and should continue to stay in place and allow government officials to prevent majority pushing down minority opinions.

Every four years the Electoral College affects every person in the United States of America. The people of America vote to select state representatives and they use their votes to add up to five hundred and thirty-eight electors. The running candidate only needs two hundred and seventy votes to become the next president of the United States. The process is important to the official who are elected and use their votes for in the presidential election. The mass majority of them are representatives that are highly qualified and work in the system or a long time. There vote should be essential to any process of the United States government. The people that live in each state vote for state officials who get elected to work in the states government. This will make people participate more which can contribute to the state electors who use there votes to elect the next President of U.S.A.. Therefor every person participating in voting can influence the election with two different votes. This means that every vote counts from every person in this country and is needed for the success of this government to take place.

The major big cities influence a large percent of the population including states like California, New York and Texas. The states have the most electoral votes which can sway a victory, thus this means presidents are going to try and spend a little bit more time and get the voters in the city. This is important to society and how we look at everything we need to please the large cities. This also creates an opportunity for smaller states to be seen as well and be significant to the election process. Every vote matters so even the farmers and the people who live in the rural areas should get a vote as well. They are responsible for the food that this country survives on and large amounts of money are being brought in from there agriculture products. This allows a voice for all in the state and can rally around there representative to help elect who will back him and his policies.

Our country was founded on having check and balances within our government and not have too much power in one section of our government. The found fathers did not want to be like other countries and have our own government. This implied in it a way for states to have a say in things on the election process since they are affected by the four year term by every president in there owns ways since every president is different. Therefore they needed a way to implicate a say for the states in the process. This is important since if they just switched to voting of the people parties would be small percentages and our government is a two party system which can not have a bunch of a parties running, the states would not to much of a say in things they could not have a party to represent with no organization to get people to follow the candidate.

The Electoral College has a lot of people who think the Electoral college does not belong in a our democracy and is not a accurate representation of voters. It makes people in the country participate more if they want there state to be in power for there party to succeed and back the president from that state. This allows people to feel like they contributed more to the elections and hopefully get more voters in the booth. This country allows people to have a vote and a say in electing the president and should follow who truly represents there goals and representation of The United States.

Even if the people of the United States wanted to abolish the electoral college it would need a lot of things to happen for it happen. I think it will stay in place for a long time it keeps a check and balance which is important to one of the strongest nations in this world. Therefore it would need a constitutional amendment. Thus it would need a two-thirds vote in both the senate and house and ratifications of three-fourths of the fifty states according to our constitution. The Electoral college would need a huge portion of our government to overturn this and get it abolished. This is why I believe it will stay in place.

In conclusion the Electoral college has benefits for the nation is different ways. Also it can have a negative affect as well for party’s when a popular vote can not win over the elected officials and how they vote. The Electoral College should stay in power so we do not have to much control on the people side allowing us to have a fair balance if the senators think the popular vote might be wrong. Every individual works together for this great country to as great as it is today so with time passing. I believe we should make changes if needed along the way. In the United States of America, it is a important step toward the future of this great country and help mold the democra

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