The Stress of College Students with Financial Debt

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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I pay around fifteen thousand dollars for college every year, just to write papers about how it is the reason for mine and others debt, also causing stress along with mental health problems. Why do I go through stress and anxiety every time I log into my online USA site? I pay thousands of dollars for college and books, however I am not alone. More than 49% of college students experience some type of stress, from homework, grades, pressure to attend extracurricular activities, and test and financial issues.

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By 2020 there will be more than 40,000 students in college debt and 1.5 trillion in the entire U.S.


Being a student in college can be very stressful from not being able to afford it, not having the grades you want, also worried about your college debt along with work. Amid this backdrop of increasing health concerns among college students, there are numerous reports indicating that financial stress ranks among the highest sources of stress, particularly for young adults. (NAME) NAME states that because of financial problems there is a rise on health concerns(VOCAB) and stress in college students. Most college students stress about having to take out student loans, which will possibly turn into being debt. “”To this point, some researchers have argued that students’ concern about their debt is a better predictor of mental health outcomes than their actual amount of student loan debt(Cooke et al., 2004). Students stress about their overall debt more so than the debt they owe at the moment. Mental problems result in seeing therapist and possibly having to taking medication.

“” In 2016 based on estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated, “”To put the results in context, it is important to note that the student loan debt are within the range of other estimates of student-loan debt at the time of Spring 2003 (e.g., $14,671 to $18,630; Berkner et al., 2005; King, 2005). Moreover, adjusting for inflation, the median student loan debt reported in these NLSF data would be $19,637.25 in 2016, and the mean student loan debt level would be $26,884.8 Student debt was 14 to 18 thousand dollars in 2013 and since then has only risen(??) from there. With those statistics debt could reach 40,000 thousand dollars by 2020


Debt is an increasing problem in the U.S. currently standing at 1.5 trillion dollars. Stress level is constantly growing in all age groups significantly increasing in college students. Multiple college students have to worry about homework, tests, money to survive, financial debt, etc. All of this can be overwhelming for a person causing stress and anxiety. Thankfully some states are now offering free tuition for students who have completed high school. The more states that start offering the opportunity of free college debt will begin to decline. Students undergo pressure in the classroom and from their teachers. Also the stress of joining activities outside of school and getting internships. A lot of internships are not paid for, forcing the students who have to have a job to rely on money else well for the time being. Without help from others it makes it almost impossible for a young teen to live comfortably so much responsibility. The stress of this could result in anxiety and too much pressure for a growing adult forcing them in the wrong path.


Overall college students experience too much stress over financial debt. Students have a lot to focus on for one person, school work, activities, joining clubs, and paying for college. The overload of a college student could have an outcome of mental health problems. I believe the credit load to be able to graduate should drop lower but without sacrificing the important credit hours that are actually beneficial for the students in their future careers. That can be done by removing the unnecessary unrelated credit hours of student’s major. For example, an engineering major should not take literature classes. Having these classes are essential for the person’s academic development but that’s not as important as wellness of their mental health. The harm of mental illnesses is far more, greater than the academic development of the students. As my experience as a junior I have not needed a good sum of the classes I have taken for my degree. The conclusion to this problem would be states should help college students financially as an example of that is the state of New York offering free college for households that make less money than the average person.

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