Leadership in Nursing

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Leadership in Nursing

This essay will discuss the concept and significance of leadership in nursing. It will explore the qualities and skills that make an effective nurse leader, such as communication, empathy, and decision-making. The piece will also examine the challenges nurse leaders face and the impact of good leadership on patient care, team dynamics, and healthcare systems. It will consider the evolving role of nurses in leadership positions within the healthcare sector. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Health Care.

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Leadership is an art, skill or quality of an individual who can positively influence the people to achieve maximum in their life. A true leader is a person who can manage both success and failure with compassion. He or she tries to analyze what went wrong rather than blaming the team members. He has a vision and plan to accomplish the task. Along with the vision, he has a quality of conveying his vision in a way so that it can motivate his team members to work together in achieving a goal.

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Fair leadership skills lead to success and happiness. After all, it’s not only the destination that matters but the journey too.

A good leader, positive work environment helps in the retention of the team employees. I am truly inspired by the legend “Dr APJ Abdul Kalam” who was the eleventh president of India. He was a great politician, a teacher, leader, space scientist and a humble person. He was the first scientist to chair the position of a president. (intext). He received many awards of honor such as Padma Bhusan(1981), Padma Vibhusan (1990), Bharat Ratna (1997). (intext). Not only he was an aerospace engineer but also a writer. He was a man with curiosity and passion to fly as high as he could in the sky. (intect) With his passion he ignited million of dreams of the people. One of the important qualities of a leader is to inspire others to believe in their dreams rather than making them believe in their own dreams.

APJ Abdul Kalam had such an amazing quality to let the people follow their dream instead of following what he say is right. He used to inspire everyone to follow their vision and transform them into actions. He always believed in having a clear vision, transparency, creativity, knowledge and integrity. I truly admire his qualities such as positive thinking, passion for work, integrity, hardworking, determination, accountability, punctuality and creativity. He was always transparent in his approach towards his team members. He always uses to listen to his colleagues before making any decision. He was humble and respectful towards his team, their viewpoint which is very important for an effective leadership. He always led the team from behind and put others in front specially at the time of success.

During the times of failure he always took front line approach and always was responsible and accountable for his actions. He was always appreciative towards his team members. (intext wagon). I personally believe in leading the team from back. Leadership does not mean that you give instructions to the team, but to encourage his or her team, listen to their viewpoint, analyze and assign tasks according to the strength and weakness of his team members. A leader should know his team well in order to succeed.

I also believe in accountability and compassion. As a nurse, it is very important that we should take responsibility of our actions as it affects patient’s safety and quality of life. Compassion, kindness and humanity are important for ever profession so as in nursing. At the end of the day, all that matters is how did the patient feel about the care. Communication technique is also very important quality a leader should have. The way you say certain things can have a great impact on others. It can build or destroy a relationship.

As nurses, we interact with other nurses, doctors, social worker, family members of the patient, patient etc.Good communication skills and qualities can enhance the workplace environment and patient’s satisfaction. I also believe in integrity. I am honest and passionate about my work. I follow the same rules and regulations what I expect from others. The workplace environment has a great psychological impact on our mind. A leader with good emotional intelligence and positive attitude can create a happy environment. Every team member feels valued and the staff builds a trustworthy and solid foundation. I always go to my clinical with a positive attitude. I always encourage my colleagues, help them, learn from them and appreciate them for their hard work. I am always empathetic because I know it feels great when someone understands your viewpoint without making judgments. I will be working in few months as a registered nurse. I have not accomplished a leadership status yet. But I believe everything takes time. I always take responsibility in what I do. I look at the whole situation before arriving to any statement and decision. I believe I can be a leader as well. Every journey has ups and downs.

A leader or a team also has to deal with many challenges during their way. I have a mindset that focusing on the ways of improving the situation rather than blaming or criticizing is the best approach at the time. As a leader, I will be respectful to my team members. I will strive for safe and quality care through effective teamwork and collaboration. I will respect my time and will try to be productive at work. Success of a team not only depends upon the hard work of the team members and leader but also upon the relationships amongst the team members. A toxic work environment and lack of communication can lead to error.

In my viewpoint, a favorable workplace is one where each member of the team feels respected and appreciated. I will always be grateful to my team members and will never consider someone superior or inferior. I will love to share my knowledge and learn new things from my team. I will be self aware and thoughtful in my actions. I will lead the team with an open mindset as I know people, situations and things change with time. As a team member I always expect that everyone is open to each other related to the work matter.

Coordination is very important to achieve a goal or accomplish a task. Team members should have a working agreement amongst them. I expect everyone in the team to be responsible of their actions. I want every team member to be sensitive and considerate to others. Leading a team is bringing best in the people even during difficult times. I want everyone to be honest and flexible to the people and situations. As a leader, I will give freedom to my team members so that our team can come up with new ideas and creativity. I will try to create a relaxing and positive work environment. My personal philosophy is that a great leader is the one who believes in shared vision, enables other to act and encourages everyone around him or her. As a leader, I will aim to open lines of communication and trust in order to attain the highest level of teamwork.

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