Personal Leadership Philosophy

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Leaders help themselves and other people to do something in a proper way or right way. Leaders develop a strategic plan, set direction to achieve the goal, build inspiration vision for their team (Yukl, 1989). On the other hand, “leadership is a communication process of influencing and directing people to commit to and achieve a shared goal voluntarily, in a given situation” (Billy, Crystal, 2008).

In my point of view, leadership is a responsibility rather than power. A quality leadership needs some skills like how to communicate with others, how to help each other, to work together to achieve a goal. Great communication skill helps to motivate and discipline the colleague those are working under them. If they do not do such things, they never attain their goals in life or poor communication also lead to poor outcomes.

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When I was working in hospital as a student I learn how to deal with patient because there are so many types of patient in hospital with everyone have different nature. Sometime I have to deal with rude patient but its our duty to provide care with calm. A good leader creates a vision for their team, and work hard or smart to do the thing properly. Mostly in hospital nurse take to much stress of work, sometime its due to lack of man power or sometime it’s the fault of leader. But good leader do not put any extra burden on their teammate. They provide a good environment for the worker and give a chance to step up.

Like in hospital everyone motivate you about your duty. No one is perfect in this world sometime we also do mistake during work, but its our responsibilities to tell the leader about this. It’s a quality of leader to accept their mistake rather than doing an argument. Because a good leader learns from their mistake and their mistake make him a well skilled or experienced leader. The leader has then the ability to build trust in workplace because trust once lost it is difficult to get back. The leader has the skill to boost their worker or motivate them to do the thing properly. A good leader always appreciates and cheer up with their team member. Because its all upon them and because of their hard work they can achieve their goal. the leader always giving proper credit for accomplishment, acknowledging mistakes, good leader exhibit integrity at all times.(Kimberly Fries, Brown W G 1998).

I think responsible leader who pay more attention to their work are more succesfull in the world. He/she also care about the value and beliefs of the other. As a nurse I also very responsible toward any work which is assigned to me. During my college day I did my best in every workplace. Once in hospital, I worked in ICU, due to busy workload instructor give me 2 pateint. In eight hour shift I did my best and provide care to both of them. Instructor appericiate me about my job and also motivate me, because that time I am responsible for both patient. Leadership is not about what you do, its all about what you or your teammate accomplished in particular time.(Jack Zenger,2015)

During my college life, once my principle gave me a group research project and said choose any 8-10 student from class and complete this project in 15 days. He assigened me as a leader. I choose all type of 8 student who was best in their own. This was the community work so we went to community. firstly public did not interested in our project they was not talk with us. As a leader i collect the view from my collegue about public opinion then I have to find the solution for this. Here I use all the quality of leader how to communicate with them and tackle this problem. So first I arrange a rally in community about my project which was based on “awareness about cancer” then we distribute some pamplate about the cons of disease. After four day people come to us and telling their sign and symptom. So we start collecting data and complete our project. That time I learned how the skill are needed to tackle any problem and how much struggle a leader do for their team and their work.     

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