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Essay About School Uniforms
School uniforms have been a common trend in school systems across the country. Some people find that uniforms are necessary to prevent peer pressure, bullying, and discipline, however, those things will always be an issue. Therefore, school uniforms should not be required in our school systems because school uniforms can be expensive to parents, they are uncomfortable and distracting, and they take away the right for students to freely express themselves.
Having to buy uniforms every year can be super expensive for parents. Every year, students change and grow. Buying uniforms on top of buying regular clothes cost more money. If students were not required to wear uniforms, it would be cheaper for parents. Parents have to provide their children with clothes of course, but spending unnecessary money on uniforms every year is a waste. Everyone grows out of clothes eventually, but having to spend extra for uniforms takes more money out of the parents’ pocket. Students only wear uniforms at school, not anywhere else. It is a waste of money to buy clothes that are only worn at school. Parents could save more money every year by not having to pay for uniforms.
Being comfortable at school is very important for students. Wearing uniforms can be very uncomfortable to wear all day for every single school day. If students weren’t required to wear uniforms, it would be much easier to stay focused. Being comfortable helps a lot of students when it comes to school. Feeling comfortable can cause less distraction to students while working at school. Students would much rather wear their own clothing during school so that they feel comfortable with themselves. Distractions from uncomfortable uniforms can cause a drop in grades. Uniforms being uncomfortable distracts students from their work. Wearing well-fitting clothing or clothing that makes students comfortable, can make students feel better about themselves while they are at school.
Students wearing uniforms at school do not have the right to express themselves freely. Wearing what you want, with exceptions, of course, makes students more comfortable with themselves. Having your own style while at school makes a huge difference in confidence. Having higher confidence can improve the way students perform during school. That means students should be able to wear what they feel comfortable in to express themselves in their own way. Some people say that uniforms prevent peer pressure, bullying, and discipline. However, that is somewhat true, but bullying will always be an issue in any school system. Discipline is not based on uniforms, it is based on specific students’ actions. Bullying still happens with or without uniforms. Nothing about peer pressure, bullying, or discipline has changed since uniforms came to be.
There is no proven change in the school systems around the country that have uniforms. Bullying, peer pressure, and discipline are still a problem, and always will be. Schools in our country should not require uniforms as they are unnecessary. Uniforms are uncomfortable for the students, they do not allow students to freely express themselves, and they are expensive to parents. Students should be allowed to have freedom of what they wear. 

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