Should Students have to Wear School Uniforms?

Should schools have school uniforms? What are the effects they have on students?

School Uniforms tend to have positive effects on students. According to, School uniforms keep students focused on their education, Not Fashion. Students usually worry so much about what they look like and don’t worry so much about their education. One of the main reasons for having school is to get an education, not to be focused on fashion. Another positive effect of school uniforms is that they reduce the amount of bullying. Denise-Marie Ordway, from Journalist Research, stated; School administrators say uniforms help eliminate gang-related styles and logos. This means that if the students wear the same kind of clothes, other students won’t feel as threatened as they would with students wearing their everyday clothes which could possibly have drug or gang related items/references on it, outside of school. Arminta Jacobson, founder and director of the center for parent education at the University of North Texas, stated; uniforms put all kids on the same playing field in terms of their appearance. Armita meant that students will be able to work well with others and not fight with others.

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Denise-Marie Ordway stated; Despite their reported benefits, mandatory uniforms are controversial because a lot of parents and students don’t like the idea of forcing children to dress alike, which they say suppresses freedom of expression. Denise also stated; Some families complain about the financial burden of purchasing uniforms in addition to their kids other clothing. By what Denise has stated, school uniforms are too expensive and take a lot of freedom from students. Kenya Bradshaw from TNPT Blog, stated; Uniform policies, for example, that differentiate between boys and girls can place trans and gender-nonconforming students at risk. This also indicates that students can’t express themselves the way they want. Kenya also stated; Likewise, male/female dress codes for events like school proms can exclude students who don’t feel either dress code fits with their identity.

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