Stress over College Students

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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There are many important factors to think about during college time. Especially it’s better to think ahead of time of how hectic your schedule will be. Important things that can occur is tress, anxiety, depression, etc. The outcomes of these features can be dropping out, leading to drugs, drinking, partying. (Jones , Payton J. ; Park , So Yeon ; Lefevor, Tyler G.;, 2018). There are many concerns over tsress and about how much it can affect a person physically and mentally. I find this topic to be very interesting and very important to the people and not just the ones who are in college but to the ones that just physically stress even while taking all online classes.

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Studies have been done by researchers, they explain the symptoms, causes, effects, and the cure for too much stress. (Hubbard, Kimberly ; Reohr, Paige; Tolcher, Lauren; Downs, Andrew;, 2018). The reasons for the test was to get a better comprehensive look at the symptoms and ho it develops over time. Stress can be a very good thing in life, because without it I believe you wouldn’t get anywhere in life. Stress is like a push and pull thing to me. You are more determined to get stuff done hen stressing, but if you overdue it, it will take a toll off you and it can be very emotional and nerve racking. Stress can cause health problems especially with your immune system. You will not be getting enough sleep because college students don’t get sleep honestly. That adding to the anxiety and depression can build up overtime and can break you down. (Hubbard, Kimberly ; Reohr, Paige; Tolcher, Lauren; Downs, Andrew;). Me as a student I work full time and school fulltime, so I don’t get that much sleep, but I have my ways of coping with stress, and I try not to over due it.

Hypothesis were made about what could cause a college student to go through so much anxiety. The leading causes were, roommate problems, homesick, and family/relationship problems. (Hubbard, Kimberly ; Reohr, Paige; Tolcher, Lauren; Downs, Andrew;). There are many stressors that are hard to treat or help recover from especially if you get to depression. That could take up to weeks to help with. Such studies clearly suggest that a wide range of stressors may negatively impact the mental health of college students. (Hubbard, Kimberly ; Reohr, Paige; Tolcher, Lauren; Downs, Andrew;). Students will end up with chronic stress, that will end them up with a physician or a counselor. Researchers have also plot put the health sympom of what do most common women use to cope while having depression, anxiety, or just stres iself. (Hubbard, Kimberly ; Reohr, Paige; Tolcher, Lauren; Downs, Andrew;). Therapy , counselor, medication, psychiatrist. These also ae helping you but could lead o fustration due to going to these places.

In conclusion, as much as stress can be very helpful in our everyday lives, by giving us that push or pull. It can/ have many bad effects that nobody would want to go through. I believe we need to approach this problem and view it in students every day. Nobody said college would be easy, but it shouldn’t be this stressful to the point where you are on medication. There are healthier and better ways to cope with stress/anxiety before you get to the worst part. Do not do everything at the last minute, do not try squish things into your schedule. Just say next time. Your wellness is far much more important than going out and not doing your responsibilities. This can come with advantages and disadvantages, its an every day part of life itself and we need to have a better strategy on how to hold or manage our stress wisely and in a healthy way.

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