The First Day of my Journey to Adulthood

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Remember those days where all you had to worry about was going to school and doing your chores. The good ole days where life was less worrisome and innocent, those days were slowly approaching to an end. I was finally done with high school and started to begin my journey to adulthood .Due to my hard work and dedication I got accepted into 5 different colleges Clark Atlanta , Alabama A&M , Alabama State, Florida Memorial and Harris-Stowe University. They were all wonderful opportunities it was hard for me to just choose one of them. I ended up ranking them Clark being my number one and Harris-Stowe fell in last. Deadlines were approaching quickly so I went with my top choice Clark Atlanta University. College is tough at times it’s not always what you expect it to be. These experiences taught me that having a good support system can take you along way. It all began on a Friday morning I was up early packing my last minute things to take with me on the trip. “Today is the big day! “My mom exclaimed. She had a sad look on her face, she couldn’t believe I was leaving. Luckily my whole family accompanied was coming along to take me to my destination. I was so excited we packed up our bags and headed on the road.

The drive was 27 hours we all took turns driving. We passed through Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and New Mexico. We laughed bumped music, colored, and played board games. The time is here finally made it to our destination Atlanta, Georgia; we checked into our hotel rooms and passed out. The following morning my mother and I headed to the university for orientation. It was beautiful I fell in love with the campus almost immediately. First we had to check in with financial to make sure was all set and ready. The line was ridiculous it was literally 100 families in there for the same thing. We waited for 4 hours until we finally spoke with someone. The advisor there told me and my mom my first semester was covered but I would need 20,000 to cover my full term. He offered us a 20,000 loan but I had no previous credit history so I couldn’t apply for it. So my mom tried and they denied her due to her own student loan debt. My heart was torn I worked so hard to get to where I was at. Instead of turning around and going home we made it into our own mini vacation. On our flight home the main thought that flew through my mind is what I to do now am. As we landed something told me to go check the mail when I got home. I pulled out a large envelope that read Millennium I had received the Millennium Scholarship to help me get through schooling. Instead of transferring to another 4 year University I decided to stay here and go to CSN. Although things didn’t go how I planned I’m still in college bettering myself and furthering my education. Anything is possible with a good support system and positive mindset.

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