A Project Management Degree

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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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There are people who have very low regard for China and its people. As if the autocratic leadership of my country is not condescending enough. The status of Chinese women has also yet to improve. This is despite what the media wants the rest of the world to see.

While I have no plans of joining the autocracy, I do have one very clear vision – to help my fellow Chinese lead more prosperous lives. I know it is a tall order.

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However, I also know that I can always contribute in my own little way. Getting a specialization in project management will be instrumental in such a goal. Getting it from the New York University will further strengthen my resolve to serve as a catalyst for women in entrepreneurships in China. China surprised the world with its economic growth. What many in the western world would consider a country of peasants is now a nation preferred by many of the world’s foremost businesses. And it is understandable. Labor is cheap. Resources are abundant. And the rules ensuring the quality of products are more relaxed than in other regions.

What many do not realize, or prefer to ignore, is the fact that there are more Chinese who are struggling every single day. And if you’re a woman, the challenges are more daunting. I do not intend to bring food to their dinner table once I get a project management degree. Nor do I hope to shoulder all their expenses for the rest of their existence. What I want is to help them, especially Chinese women, help themselves. I have seen how the world has changed its perception of the Chinese in the past several years. It is now more welcoming. I intend to take advantage of that by bringing to my own people the very principles that I will learn from NYU. That includes the various project management concepts, techniques, and tools. I will serve as their beacon in setting up their own small businesses. Hopefully, from there, they will also find more reason to continue with what they have started.

As a student, I do not have much to contribute to NYU’s graduate program. What I can vow is my commitment to adhere to the philosophy of the university. I know that I can be a good ambassador for the university in China, encouraging and motivating other people to also pursue their aspirations with NYU. I can also help other graduate students at the NYU who may have problems with some of their subjects. I may not be the best, but I sure can give my full support. Staying true to the core values of NYU is the best contribution any alumna can contribute. I think that no school will ever be proud of an alumna who tarnishes the name of his or her alma mater. It does not reflect well on the school’s reputation. If the alumna was able to apply the theory in the real-world, then I am sure that school will be very proud.

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