A Personal Reflection on Balancing the Many Responsibilities of Young Adulthood

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Updated: Jun 28, 2022
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The transition from adolescence into adulthood is difficult enough, imagine starting college in a new state, fresh out of foster care. The world is completely different when you realize how much is sheltered from you. Within the past year, my life has changed dramatically. I have learned that taking care of myself, and actually supporting myself, are two completely separate aspects of growing up. From a very early age, I had been left alone to fend for myself. My parents never set the best example, and I was free to cause trouble wherever I was.

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I was forced to teach myself how to adapt, and act appropriately. I had to find my own food and a way to get my own clothing a large portion of the time. I stayed at friend’s houses, and they helped get what I need. Sometimes even teachers helped. I never realized that although I was doing my best to take care of myself, I never fully supported myself. When I was finally put into foster care, everything changed. I was being well taken care of. I was getting free doctor’s appointments, and there was always food on the table for me. I was given clothing vouchers, so that I could buy new clothing for school. I was well supported. I always found a place to rest my head at the end of the night. I spent about three years living in foster care, never realizing just how much it took to support me. supporting myself is a completely different ball game.

Growing up, a lot of kids never realize how much it takes to live. I have had to learn to keep up with my studies, while also making enough money to support myself financially. Now I have to use my money responsibly, so that I can pay for necessities. I used to use every penny I had on going out with friends, and new clothes. However, now it all goes to parts of my life I never considered not having, such as toilet paper, towels, and even a bed. Those things never came to mind when considering living alone, they were always just provided for me. Balancing academics with personal and work activities is a lot more difficult than it sounds. As an adult, there is no one there to remind you to do your homework, or set your alarm for work. No one is going to buy my food, or clean my house. Growing up, if there were dishes to be done, or laundry to be washed, eventually, someone would do it. However, as an adult, the dishes and the laundry piles will just add up until I take care of it myself. Everything is up to me. No one can make decisions for me anymore. It is all my responsibility. Living on my own is a different atmosphere without a doubt. However, I would not ever change it. In my opinion, a person does not truly grow up until they have had the struggle of supporting themselves, while also taking care of themselves. Having to balance multiple responsibilities is a life lesson of its own.

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