What does America Mean to Me? a Personal Reflection on Identity, Opportunity, and Values

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Updated: Aug 21, 2023
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In 2016, Donald Trump used the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ as a platform for his presidential race. The slogan implied that the United States of America was no longer great and needed major repairs. Although I acknowledge that America is facing many critical issues, I feel that it is still a great country. This is probably best exemplified by the fact that many people facing oppression, poverty, and warfare in their own country choose America as a refuge. So, what makes America special above other countries? Some of the things I love about this country include the Constitution, opportunity, National Parks, and people who give.


What America Means to Me: A Sanctuary of Freedoms and Opportunities

I believe our founding fathers were inspired when they wrote the Constitution. They looked at other governments, primarily England, and considered issues that could arise between governing bodies. Our Constitution sets rules for government structure, voting, the relationship between Federal government and State governments, and a variety of freedoms, including freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

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The government structure and voting rules provide a system of checks and balances so that no one entity can usurp power. The freedoms guaranteed that people can express ideas and practice religion as they choose without being suppressed by the government. The original Constitution set a model that other countries have partially followed. It is a unique document and one worth preserving.

Many people have immigrated to America because they saw it as a place to start over, realize dreams, or build a life free from tyranny. People have come here with almost nothing in their pockets and have managed to build a life for themselves and their descendants. Other people come from war-torn countries and find peace and a new life. Granted, building a new life is more difficult for some than for others, but the opportunities are still better here than in many countries.

The model for creating a national park system started here in America. It is so important to protect wilderness areas for everyone to enjoy, or else many of them will be destroyed. I love the outdoors and visiting some of the beautiful areas in our country. I think it is important to preserve areas so that people of all types can learn about ecology, nature, and environmental impacts. I think it is also important that all have an opportunity to take a break from the urban scene and enjoy the serenity of wild areas.

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I don’t know how America compares to other countries for people helping others, but it seems that we have a lot of individuals and groups who take the time to help others for all kinds of reasons. A giving spirit creates good relations between all parties involved. Good relations can lead to more constructive solutions to issues as opposed to being only concerned about one’s own desires.

America has a lot to offer its citizens, from an inspired constitution to people that are willing to help others. Granted, it has its challenges, and many of its good ideals are being challenged. We as a people need to realize what a great country this is and always work to preserve our privileges and freedoms.


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