Veterans Day Reflection

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Veterans Day Reflection

This essay will provide a reflection on the significance of Veterans Day. It will discuss the history and purpose of the day, honoring the service and sacrifice of military veterans. The piece will explore how Veterans Day is commemorated across the United States, including ceremonies, parades, and memorials. It will also consider the importance of acknowledging the contributions and experiences of veterans, and the broader implications of military service on society. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Social Issues.

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Veterans Day was first introduced after World War 1. They created this day to honor everyone who had served in the military and who had died serving for our country as well. World War 1 ended on November 11, 1918 and that is when they decided to have Veterans Day. Originally Veterans Day was called Armistice Day. This later got changed after World War II ended, and they wanted to honor veterans from all different wars. In 1968 Veterans Day got changed to be on the 4th Monday of every October, to go with the other holidays that were celebrated on Mondays.

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This later got changed back because people wanted to honor the original date that World War 1 ended and Veterans Day came to be. On November 11th workers, students, and all workplaces who observe federal holidays get the day off. This is to honor all of the veterans that have served our country.

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To me, it is important to honor Veterans Day for many reasons. We honor Veterans Day because of the many individuals’ patriotism that help us protect our country and our freedom. Every day, veterans help protect our country and are willing to risk their lives for it. Honoring them is just a little thing we can do to give appreciation for all they’ve done. Working in the military isn’t an easy job. They risk their lives for our country and for us. Just being in the military is heroic. Those are the reasons why I honor veterans.

I honor veterans’ by taking a moment of my day on Veteran’s Day to think of the men and women who’ve served us. Educating myself about people, our country, and the wars the United States has been in can also be a way to learn and appreciate our veterans. Visiting a Veterans Day Memorial is yet another way to respect all the people who’ve served. We as a country can honor Veterans day by voting. Voting for people who’ll support veterans and not just throw our country into unnecessary wars. Many people take Veterans Day for granted, but just to take a little bit out of your day on November 11th to think of veterans, or maybe even talk to one, is great. Without veterans, the United States wouldn’t be where it is today.

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