Veterans: Fight for Freedom and Rights

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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This essay will discuss the contributions of veterans in the fight for freedom and rights. It will explore the role of veterans in various conflicts, their sacrifices, and the ongoing struggles they face for recognition and rights post-service. The piece will also touch on the societal responsibility towards veterans. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Freedom.

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Veterans have sacrificed so much for our country by fighting to maintain our freedom and rights. For this reason, the government should do something about the veterans poverty rate. Veterans have resources that they could use but the resources do not always reach out to the veterans in need. The rate of homeless veterans is very high compared to non-veterans in the United States because they were usually not ever taught how to write a resume and many have had little to any experience with a job interview.

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Even though the government provides care for veterans, veterans are still not getting enough care with mental health or assistance in securing jobs on returning to civilian life. The result is a mass majority of veterans who are homeless and destitute. There are three key reasons first, the mass majority of veterans become homeless after retiring from the service. The government should be doing more to provide more affordable housing for the veterans.

There should be programs to help them obtain housing at affordable costs. Studies have shown that “more than five hundred thousand U.S. veterans experience homelessness each year, maintains the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans”(Homelessness). Also, There is a problem with the veterans not getting enough resources they need to able to afford a house. There is a more likely chance for males than females to become homeless. Also, if veterans are retiring from the military at an older age, there is also a higher percentage of homelessness due to lack of job skills. This is a major problem because veterans do not get the resources they need. Most are not taught how to write a resume that would help them acquire a job that they would need. Secondly, most veterans come back from fighting and are diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD), and do not get access to the right resources to help them get better.

For this major problem, the government should provide more mental health programs for veterans. A large percentage of veterans coming back from war are diagnosed with some kind of mental health problem. In fact, “… one in eight soldiers returning from combat during that first year of War in Iraq was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder or some other mental illness” (Dreaxen). Veterans and active soldiers should be provided with more resources to help lower the percentage of mental health problems that affect veterans after retiring from the service or are still active duty. There should be affordable health care for those veterans that can not afford to get the help that they should be getting for PTSD. Lastly, a high percentage of veterans find themselves jobless when coming back after fighting. The main reasons for this are, “First, many simply have little idea of how to write a resume, prepare for a job interview, or search out companies with openings” (Dreazen).

They are not provided the right resources to help them get a job because they are just told what to do when they are serving, so when they retire they do know how to seek out a job. Another reason if they most people do not want to hire a veteran because of the possibility of them having a mental health issue from serving in the military. They are very quick to not hire veterans also because sometimes they do not have all the experience they need for certain jobs. They are very quick to turn down veterans due to these conditions. But, there are some resources out there that help provide veterans with jobs that are limited to veterans for jobs.

However, there are still some resources that provide help for a group of veterans. There are nursing homes that help provide care for veterans but it is only for veterans that need a certain care. ” The VA is committed to providing a customized treatment plan….. Any veteran who has a service-connected disability rated at 70% or more qualifies for nursing home care” (Washington Times ). This works for veterans that fit the criteria. On the other hand, if veterans or not informed about the VA programs to help then they are not really reaching out to the veterans and their families that might need this program or help in their families situation. ” VA offers a variety of programs… Yet, many veterans and their families argue that these programs are not limited value if veterans are not informed about them..” ( Washington Times). They need to reach out to families that need help and not just help those who are 70% and qualifies and should expand the program to help others. In conclusion, there is a program that helps a certain amount of veterans that have a certain percentage rate to be provided help. This help does not always give veterans and their families the care they should be provided with so they should provide different coverage options. This problem makes it so that some veterans become homeless, and another reason this happens is that they will not get hired for jobs. The bottom line is that the government should do more for the veterans that fight for this country.

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