Basic Essential Part of Effective Communication

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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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The SANDF is an organisation based on systems that can be managed or sustained through effective communication. In the broader sense we can say that communication is the heart, the engine or the nervous system of an effective Defence force. We can define communication as the process of generating a meaning, by sending and receiving verbal and nonverbal symbols and signs that are influenced by multiple contexts. Now we can agree that all systems of the Defence force are based on communication at various fields of expertise.

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In the combat situation you communicate verbally, in writing and use of electronic equipment. The same during peace time you use the same mechanisms and even more. Emphasis should be placed more on effective communication during peace in order to develop, modify and or test its effectiveness. This will have positive consequences during combat and will create a more effective combat force. An example of communication in preparation for war is a simple drill. It prepares a soldier psychologically, first disciplinary, receiving of instructions and executing them. This is the basic essential part of effective communication on individuals.

“Charity begins at home”, this phrase is broad in sense, but when analysed, we can learn a lot. But this instance I want to relate it to the structure of managing a household or family. The purpose of giving love to your children is to build them, guide them, lead them and influence them. Everything is based on communication. This same system is what is used to manage an organisation. Can people stand with you, support you and help you if they don’t have a clue of what you are doing? Can a quire sing a song eloquently if they never practised? Can people follow you if they do not know where you are taking them?

Every organisation, company or a business has a vision, mission and objectives. A vision helps the company to know where they intend to be in future, meaning the end state. Communicating and ensuring that the vision, mission and objectives are known down to the lowest level assists management to achieve the desired end state. The objectives will be a collection of actions or efforts intended to achieve the desired end state. Through communication, all the efforts are coordinated combined and controlled. It becomes easier to identify any short comings and remedial actions can be implemented with immediate effect.

The SANDF is a non-profit organisation but business is run and managed the same way as the profit organisations. In order to tackle the issue of communication, one must start at the basic level. The best way to influence an organisation is to win the ground level then it becomes easier, better and simpler. Remember that you can only eat an elephant by one piece at a time. Our focus will be at level 4 which is the base level of the SANDF as a whole.

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