Technology has Improved

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Technology has improved the lives of many. It has improved communication and learning, but there are some bad things about certain electronics. Phones, they can be very bad for people. Although they help us in today’s society. There can be some bad side effects of social media and the phone in general. Three bad effects of cell phone use include bad grades, eye and brain damage,and cyberbullying.

Phones can have a bad effect on grades. Using a phone before going to bed can distract people from falling asleep.

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This will cause the brain to not be able to focus on school work. Educational Psychology did a study on 118 college students to see which group would do better. One group used phones and computers in class, and the other group did not use computers or phones. The class that did have computers and phones scored about five points lower on their exams than the other group. Phones can also cause people not to study. When people want to be on their phone but have to study first, they might pretend that they studied when in reality they did not. The usage of social media can also lower a students grade. If a person is on social media wasting time post things and chatting with friends, they may not work as hard to do homework.

They may just do the homework without putting any effort into it, and they are more likely to get a bad grade.
Cell phones can damage peoples eyes and brain. One of the most sensitive parts of the body is the eye. When looking at the light from a phone for a long time it can cause people to have temporary blurriness. phones can also hurt the eyes by holding a phone to close to the face can cause people’s eyes to go permanently blurry. Cell phones can also cause damage to the brain. According to the World Health Organization, a long amount of cell phone usage can cause brain cancer. When holding a phone close to the ear, the radiation from the phone transmits into the brain. Since the brain is so sensitive to the radiation, it can cause brain tumors or brain cancer. The radiation for a phone can also cause damage to the eardrum. Cell phones usage can cause bad things to happen to the brain and eyes.

Cyberbullying is one of the most common things to happen when using a phone. Cyberbullying is when someone is mean to someone else constantly on a phone or computer. Cyberbullying has different effects on everyone. According to cyberbullying statistics twenty-five percent of teens are cyberbullied and fifty-two percent of young adults. Cyberbullying can cause a person to feel bad about themselves and try to change themselves. Others may get so much hate that they may hurt themselves or think of suicide. Cyberbullying is very hard to get away from. Some people are able to hack wifi and even though the person deleted their account, cyberbullies may still be able to find a way to bully them. Cyberbullying can cause many people to lose focus on school work and as a result, their grades might drop. Cyberbullying can cause horrible things to happen and a phone plays a huge part in it.

Cell phones can cause bad grades, brain and eye damage, and cyberbullying. Cell phones can be very bad for people when used in properly. Parents need to watch what is happening on their child’s cell phone. They also cost a good chunk of money to buy. Although technology can be good, it can cause bad things to happen in the future.

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