No Cell Phones Allowed in Class

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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No Cell Phones Allowed in Class

This essay will discuss the policy of banning cell phones in classrooms. It will explore the reasons behind this policy, its impact on student behavior and learning, and the debate surrounding digital devices in education. PapersOwl showcases more free essays that are examples of Cell Phone.

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No Cell Phones Allowed in Class

“Students will also tend not to pay attention and use them for the greater good, as they do now. Under no circumstances should phones be allowed during class.. The principal and teachers have many reasons why, and so do many other people. If anybody brings a phone to class when they are not allowed, they will be given a detention and have the phone taken away. First of all, it is a big distraction to classwork for the students and their peers.

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Second of all they could be easily used for cheating. And third of all they have a huge disturbance in the class to the teachers and the classmates. In conclusion, they are a big distraction, could be used for cheating, and are a huge disturbance to teachers and peers. When it comes to cell phones in class, many people will be distracted. “Cell phones were originally banned from school for being a disruption to classes. Being distracted during class is not a good thing. It will stop them from doing your work and then they will get even more homework. If they get more homework, then they will be up all night doing it. Being up all night concludes to being tired during school and maybe even fall asleep and get a detention. Nobody wants a detention, especially for falling asleep. Do not let cell phones be a distraction.

Following distractions, is cheating. Many people cheat in school, but when given a phone, it will be easy to cheat. “If students today want to cheat, they have a more insidious tool at their disposal: cellphones. It gets detentions or even maybe a suspension. Not only a detention, but they will not get a good grade, nor will they know the lesson. If the student does not get caught cheating, they will probably get a good grade and never understand the lesson later. Some students might not cheat, but everybody who did not study will definitely cheat. “More than 75 percent of parents responding to the survey say that cellphone cheating happens at their children’s school, but only 3 percent believe their own teen is using a cellphone to cheat. Cheating is very bad and should never be allowed.

Last up is disturbance. Cell phones in class are a big disturbance to the students and the rest of the class. Disturbing the class will result in more homework and punishments. The student(s) who are disturbing the class the most will probably get detentions. “When cell phones are abused in school, it causes disruptions. Getting a detention is not funfun at all. The people who disturb the class will most likely stop bringing their phones to class. This is why phones are bad during school.

In conclusion, phones are a bad item to have during class. There will be distractions, cheating, and disturbance. All of the straight-A students would be getting worse grades due to distractions. The students that have C’s and D’s will be getting better grades due to cheating. The teachers will be giving out more detentions due to all of the disturbances. This is why no school should allow phones during school hours.

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