Why Phones should not be Allowed in School

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Why Phones should not be Allowed in School

This essay will argue against the use of phones in school settings. It will discuss the potential distractions they cause, the impact on student learning and social interactions, and the challenges they pose for teachers. The piece will consider alternative policies for managing phone use in schools. PapersOwl showcases more free essays that are examples of Learning.

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Did you know some students sneak their phones into class? According to Pew reachers they state, “About sixty-five percent of students sneak their phone into class and are distracted by it.” This explains why schools should ban cell phones. High school teacher Mr. Wolton states, “About 48 percent of students are addicted to their phones”.

If schools lift the ban of banning cell phones, students will disconnect from the real world and just be on their phones. By students using phones, they can cause major cyberbullying and would give the school a bad reputation.

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Cell phones should not be allowed in class because they could cause distraction from learning. They could also lower the connection that they have with friends and students. They can lead to safety concerns.

Distraction from Learning

Why should schools allow the use of cell phones if they lead to distraction? Cell phones should not be allowed in schools because they lead to distraction from learning. According to Connie Fawcett, a High School teacher in Oklahoma states, “Students persistently use them a great deal for personal Via social media when they should be paying attention to what’s going on in class.”This is why schools should not lift the ban on cell phones. They are just a useful tool to distract students. Cell phones also get in the way of learning. If students use their cell phones, they will get distracted most of the time. Also, students shouldn’t bring them in their backpacks, too, because if their phones ring in class, other students get distracted. The National Library of Medicine states, “ The results revealed ringing cell phones in the class were the most commonly reported electronic external distractions for 68% of students, and 21% of them report being extremely distracted by the noise”.

Disconnection from Social Relationships

Should cell phones be allowed? Let’s discuss why they shouldn’t. First off, cell phones lower the connection that they have with friends and students. Pacific Standard states, “Cell phones or smartphones can lessen the quality of an in-person conversation, lowering the amount of empathy that is changed between friends”. This research shows that students tend to lose their connection with friends and family. For example, I have a friend, and I walk with her after school; she is always on her phone. She is either texting or watching videos on her phone, and it is always awkward when we are walking. Sometimes I stay behind and walk slowly so I don’t have to walk with her because she is always on her phone. Even when she talks to an old guy on our block, she’s always on her phone she gets distorted. She is a phone addict and knows I don’t talk to her anymore because she is always on her phone.

Safety Concerns

Lastly, when students use their phones, they might not know what they are doing on their phones, and teachers worry about their student’s safety. According to Honest, protons it states “We should allow students to use their phones in class if we don’t know what they might be doing or if they are doing bad things or associated with something bad in social media.” This little quote that I got from honest protons states that many teachers and parents worry about their kids’ safety concerns in social media, what they might do if they are involved in a gang, or what important stuff can lead to their safety concern or their health concerns.


According to a study, one in five teens in the US has received an unwanted sexual solicitation through their online activities due to unwanted contact with strangers. Most of the children hide these kinds of conversations from their parents. This is all due to access to the cell phone at an early age and might lead to sexual crime too.


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