Distracted by Technology while Driving

In today’s technology filled world, it is not uncommon to be driving down the road and look to your left or right and see a driver holding their cell phone. They may be taking a call or responding to a text, however either one of these activities are an unsafe measure in a moving vehicle. Cell phones have taken over the twenty first century and are continuing to improve in technological features.

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These features cause more distraction for drivers on the road, making cell phones even more dangerous for drivers. Because cell phones are unsafe and are the cause of many accidents, they should not be used while driving. Cell phones distract drivers when they should be focused on the road. In 2015 alone, 391,000 traffic accidents were caused by some form of distracted driving. (100 Distracted Driving Facts, 2018). When a text comes through or a notification vibrates a phone, it is an instantaneous motion to look down to see who it is.

Unfortunately, where people’s eyes go, their steering wheel also goes. This can cause crashing into another car or running off the road. Many accidents could easily be avoided by just setting a cell phone down and putting both hands on the wheel. Because driving is already such a dangerous activity, all attention should be on the road. Some drivers say that cell phones are not an issue in a car. They can help with navigation when traveling to a new place. In an unfamiliar town, it is difficult to know where to turn on a certain road or how to find the closest supermarket. The days of opening a large map are over, because now it can be googled just as easy. Cell phones give one access to the internet at all times and at any location. Phones could also help in emergency situations, for instance, a car accident. Many would even argue that with cell phones you have a way to call a family member, the police or emergency services. Navigation and talking on a cell phone can be useful in some situations in a car. Nonetheless, these activities are just as dangerous as texting and driving.

Many newer cars are equipped with Bluetooth connection to cellphones. This type of connection improves safety in a car because navigation or phone calls are played through the car stereo without someone ever having to touch a cell phone. Numerous companies are now making mounts for cell phones in vehicles, as well. These are placed in an accessible place in the vehicle, so that the phone is not out of reach but instead out of the way. With or without Bluetooth, a cell phone should not be touched in a car. There is not a single text message, phone call or notification that is worth a human life. To prevent car accidents and to improve driver safety, cell phones should not be used while one is behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Distracted driving is a serious issue in today’s society and could be helped by putting down a cell phone.

While some claim that cell phones can be beneficial for communication and navigation while driving, they become more problematic than valuable. If a cell phone must be used behind the wheel, then it should be connected to a Bluetooth device and mounted in an accessible place. However, it is best to avoid device usage at all cost while driving. Responding to a text or answering a phone call is not worth putting one’s own life and other’s lives in danger.

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