Same-Sex Marriage Legalization

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Should gay marriage be allowed and should it be legal? Although this is still a big topic not a lot of people understand why this is such a bad thing. What are the reasons why gay marriage is such a bad thing? As you read you will be aware of the pros and cons of gay marriage. Also some of the court cases that made it what it is today.

There is so many ways you can show how gay marriage is a good thing.

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It show that there divery in the U.S and we can be free to do what we want. Gay marriage did go to court in 1967 the case was called Loving vs. Virginia. The court ruled that marriage is a civil right and everyone is allowed to marry who they would like. Other than the legal side of this, peer- reviewed University of Melbourne has show in June 2014 that gay people make great parents do to being more open and giving love to kids that are forgotten in the world. Other might not think that when you deny the right for gay couples make a second class of citizens. On july 25,2014 it was ruled in Florida that the gay marriage ban was unconstitutional and that banned was only to hurt gay rights. This had a big result as wisconsin and Indiana Sep, 2014 made a law that bans on gay marriage would not be allowed do to discrimination. Studies have shown that home that have a mother and a father wish not to have children 30% of married couple dont have kids and over 55% or same sex couples wish to become parents. Other things that gay marriage can do for the society they can bring a big financial gain to federal, state, and local governments. All this had to do with paying for marriage licenses, high income taxes, and decrease in other programs. This has a big raise in money to the government and to society.

Although there is a lot of pros there is also some cons to gay marriage. Many are agents do to religious views. In the bible gods textes says that marriage has to be between a man and a women. Although this seems normal many believe that same sex marriage is unnatural. Even though it is legal lots of people dislike the idea. There was a lot of pros of having the same sex parents but what are the cons. The cons are if you have the same sex parents girls would have sex and get pregnant early. Why is that you might think, its because girls need their mother and there fathers to teach them values they should respect. University in texts have studies that show that if you have the same sex parents you are a high risk of having sex and getting pregnant early in life. The court in california say that parents of the same sex do not have the strength to raise children because the children will not be protected and or be in a safe home. Getting married is something that has been shown to show love between a man and a women. In 2014 there was a high rate of divorce. No one knew why, many believe it had to do with same sex marriage that’s how the ban started to happen. Everyone started to see a growth in gay marriage after 2014. As show in the constitution marriage is a right between a man and a women. This mean that society has the right to allow and reject same sex marriage. Marriage bans have been hold in Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee on Nov. 6 2014. Some courts would standing by this bans because they have tradition point of view that say that it’s wrong to have same sex marriage.

Here are some fun facts that u wouldn’t know that the first legal marriage in the world was in the Netherland April 1, 2001 and the first legal marriage in the United states was in may 17, 2004. It took the U.S. three years to be okay with having gay marriages. Before it was legal in all 50 states in 2015 it was only legal in 37 states and 13 states still had a banned on them. The gay rights movement starts to ocerd more do to police raids on gay bars. The first raid happened in New york on June 28, 1969 at 3 a.m. Aa of 2017, 21 out of 194 countries are pro same- sex marriages.

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