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The Key Problem of Drugs

Words: 760 Pages: 3 1090

It is very common in the general public that most people are reluctant to get involved in social projects. A few examples of those projects are community improvement programs, social movements in regards to a number of different situations, and more. I believe for the most part people are afraid to voice their opinions just […]

Topics: Drug Addiction, Health, Problem

Drug Addiction Amy Winehouse

Words: 1149 Pages: 4 1225

Drugs are a huge problem in the world today and almost everyone is affected by them. Some of the most affected people in the world are celebrities, everyday they deal with social media, fame, and work. Sometimes it becomes too much for a celebrity to handle. Though we wish it wasn’t true lots of celebrities […]

Topics: Drug Addiction, Problem, Public Health

Ancient Rome

Words: 1738 Pages: 6 4699

Should we think more on what Scobie argued? Yes. The situation in the antiquity was terrible. Right from the sanitation all the way to public health the situation was pathetic. In most cities in the Roman Empire, the level of sanitation was low. Furthermore, there was poor standard on, the public health in the cities. […]

Topics: Poverty, Problem, Rome, Violence, Water

Is Obesity a Problem?

Words: 1195 Pages: 4 4243

Is Obesity a Problem? Have you ever wondered how dysfunctional obesity can be for a person? What impact does it make on health and personal life? Usually, a person who has not encountered this problem rarely thought about it. You can watch TV shows about people overweight just for entertaining or laugh at a friend […]

Topics: Disease, Health, Medicine, Obesity, Problem
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