On Freedom of Speech in School

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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What is personal liberty? Liberty is being free to do whatever the individual may want to do without restrictions. This can include things such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion and the freedom to bear arms. Anyone living in the United States are actually guaranteed these rights, right from birth. We also live in a society where these rights are given, but are also restricted or limited to a certain extent. We live in a country where anything that comes to your mind, can be said out loud.

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It may not always be the appropriate thing to do, but you have the right to do so.

You are free to express your thoughts up to a certain point. For example, students in school are now able to verbally express their thoughts, ideas etc. But the student isn’t allowed to make verbal threats to fellow classmates or even worse the school such as bomb threats. They are immediately removed from the classroom environment and even expelled from the school. Freedom of speech in classroom settings for example are limited to their idea of appropriateness. Another limitation to freedom of speech is in your own workplace. Employers are able to restrict the speech of their employees towards each other and customers.

For example, a person can’t randomly go into work screaming at their boss or coworkers because of implied limitations. When hired, the employee basically turns over their freedom to their employers. They do this to prevent “hostile work environment ”. Certain words can offend a coworkers or patients and clients. Another personal liberty that is limited in the United States is freedom of religion. Yes, one is able to practice whatever religion they may choose without the interference of the government. Although you are free to follow any religion you are not allowed to push your beliefs towards others and restrict them. A person can’t force anyone into a religion, unlike the Franciscan friars that violently forced the Indians to convert into Catholicism .

They did this by “[burning] Indian idols, masks and other sacred objects ” Those actions in themselves violate one’s right of religion. In public school’s teachers are allowed to teach a variety of religions to students. Teachers are not allowed to favor either or other religion and try and force the students into following one. In society politicians have attempted to violate our freedom of religion, but have not succeed. This is the ongoing debate if medical insurances should cover things like abortion or birth control.

They want the nation to follow the “rules” of Christianity, which is pro-life. It is believed that if a woman becomes pregnant regardless of the situation she should keep it, because it’s a fetus. This debate has gone on for years and will continue. The ideas of the politicians can’t be forced upon the community because it goes against their human rights. The government trying to force everyone into following Christianity is similar to the Maryland Act Concerning Religion. Where an individual could potentially “be punished with death and confiscation or forfeiture of all his or her lands and good to the Lord Proprietary ”. Even though the debate on women’s rights isn’t as intense as the Religion Act, it is just as wrong.

Another given right we have is the right to own a gun or weapon for our own protection. There are many limitations to even owning a gun in the United States. Even though people are able to obtain a firearm illegally, the legal way is far more complicated and selective. A person thinking of even owning a gun has to be 21 years of age. They must also pass a background check and have no criminal activity. They must also pass an exam to obtain a license to even own a gun. Times have changed, before people we able to use guns to trade and sell among themselves. As related to the encounter between John Smith and Powhatan .

You are given the right to have a weapon to protect yourself, but it is also limited to certain situations. For example, if a person were a victim of a home burglary and decided to shoot the invader, the bullet location determines innocence. If they were shot in the back, it seems that the invader was actually running away. Therefore, the person should have not shot at the invader. But if the person was shot from the front, it seems that the invader was coming towards the victim. Therefore, justifying their decision to shoot to protect themselves.

There is also limitation to protecting yourself on your own property or in public places. If you go to public events like a concert, rally or a sports event there are always metal detectors. As extra measures, there are also officers to search bags and the participants. When searching the people officers confiscate things like drugs, alcohol and also weapons and firearms.

In conclusion, in the United States, people are given the right to freedom of speech, religion and have the right to bear arms. These rights are given to everyone, but also have limitations that should be followed. Without these limitations, the world would be a disaster with people doing anything they want. People are given a bit of freedom with limitation to keep everyone at a controllable level. Too much freedom leads to a world of uncontrollable chaos. 

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