Odysseus as a Hero in ‘The Odyssey’

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He was called away on the birth of his son. He told his wife not to marry until his son Telemachus grow facial hair. Odysseus and other greek kings were at war with Troy. Him and his warriors headed towards Troy on ships. When they got there they rallied towards Troy’s walls and found hundreds of thousands of Trojan soldiers waiting for them. It was one of the most bloodiest wars Odysseus had ever been in. Odysseus fought side by side with Hercules. The war lasted seven years because of Odysseus coming with a way to enter Troy’s walls. They built a giant wooden horse that him and his soldiers could fit in. When him and his men got inside the walls, they waited till night to make their move and slaughtered everyone in Troy and won the war.

When they were about sail he cursed himself by telling the gods he was the one who destroyed Troy and that the gods weren’t there to help them with the war. Poseidon told him that humans are nothing without gods. And then, cursed Odysseus and his men to never see they’re home ever again. Then, Poseidon disappeared and Odysseus and his men headed towards home which was Ithaca , but little did they know they would encounter a Cyclops on Cyclops island. They found a cave full of food. Then, a Cyclops shows up with his herd of sheep. They found a way to get out of the cave without being eaten alive. They gave him a big bowl full of wine the cyclops was one of Poseidon’s children they found out. The cyclops fell asleep and they made a giant wooden stake and shoved it in the cyclop’s only eye.

When they got back to the ship, they sailed away as fast as possible. They sailed for what felt like years to them to a witch’s island. Where they found a women that lead almost all of his men to her temple/house. They drink honey flavored wine that turned them into animals. There was two people that returned to Odysseus one was a man and one was a hog/pig. The one who returned as a man said that everyone that was with him turned into animals and the hog they were trying to catch was one of his soldiers. Odysseus went to the place the soldier said they were and climbed up the mount side. On the way he was visited by a god Hermes in fact. He told Odysseus that the witch knew that Odysseus was coming and picked some grass that would make him not turn into an animal. When he got to the top of the mountain, he found the witch was indeed waiting for him. He drank the potion with no side effects. He drew his knife and said that me wanted his soldiers back. She replied saying, “If you kill me you will never see your soldiers again”. She came up with an idea that if Odysseus takes her to bed, he may have his soldiers back. He did and she turned his soldiers back. Odysseus asked how many days have him and his soldiers been with her. She replied,”You have been here for five years what feels like days is actually years. With this news he gathered his soldiers and went back to his ship that had been buried.

They set sail to hell to see the prophet everyone thought was dead. When they got there he had to sacrifice a ram. He had to go far into the pits of hell to see the prophet to ask how to get home to Ithaca. He though the ram into the lava and was able to speak to the prophet. He told him to go to a place that had a monster on one side and a creature that eats everything that land in its mouth. They went there and went into a cave then just like that they were attacked by the Hype which was Athena’s monster. They kept on going little did they know that they were sailing towards a waterfall went straight into another monsters mouth. His men and ship were eaten by the monster. Odysseus lost everyone of his soldiers and was now alone lost at sea. He would not go back towards the Hype instead he went the opposite way. About two or three days later he found another island that was inhabited by a less important god that haven’t seen a man in one hundred years and her servants that have never seen a man before. He asked if there were any ships here and she replied,”No one comes or goes from my Island.” He stayed there for about two or three years and then Hermes shows up with a message from Zeus himself for the goddess to release Odysseus or there will be consequences for her actions. She gives Odysseus the resources and tools to build a boat when he was done she gave him food and the opportunity to be immortal, but he denied her and set sail.

A little after he set sail Poseidon showed up and took over the calm sea to a ferosus fifty foot waves and tore Odysseus’ boat apart he drifted to a kingdom that welcomed him and the king feed him and clothed him. For the king asked what Odysseus for his name. Odysseus said,”It is a cursed the name a warrior that defeated Troy and never returned home to his kingdom.” The great king answered back,”I know of one man that is cursed and never came home to his beloved kingdom, surely it isn’t Odysseus that is sitting in this very room.” And with that the king stood up and hugged Odysseus and gave him whatever he needed. And granted him a ship that would take him to Ithaca. When he got there he found an old friend and stayed with him. His friend would not let Odysseus go to his kingdom and see his wife. For the he told him why and said,”Their are men waiting for your wife to pick one of them and they will kill you on sit, they want your fortune.” With this Odysseus stayed with him. The next day Odysseus meet his son for the first time in twenty years. His son thought it was a trick at first, but it wasn’t then his son almost knocked him down giving his father a big hug.

Athena visits Odysseus and turns him into a old man that way no one notices who he is except his son. Odysseus and his son go to they’re palace and couldn’t believe what the nobles were doing to his palace. His wife lead the nobles to a task they have to complete to marry her. They’re task was to string Odysseus’ bow and shoot an arrow through twelve axes. Only one man came close to stringing the bow ,but then they through the bow and land in front of Odysseus. He strung the bow and shot an arrow through all twelve axes. Then the nobles knew they were in trouble because they only knew one man that could do the task at hand. With that Odysseus turned to his normal age and killed all of the nobles.

This why I think he should have a temple for himself because he is brave, courageous, smart, fearless, and patient. For example, he made a big wooden horse to get inside of the walls of Troy. This shows that he is smart and intelligent.

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