Is Odysseus a True Hero?

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Is Odysseus a True Hero?

This essay will provide examples from Homer’s “The Odyssey” that illustrate Odysseus’s heroism. It will explore instances of his bravery, intelligence, and resourcefulness during his journey home from Troy. The piece will analyze how these qualities define him as an epic hero and how they contribute to the poem’s overarching narrative and themes. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Courage.

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Odysseus was a true hero, he showed this through courage and determination and in many other ways. In book one Odysseus shows a great amount of bravery. Combining with his extreme strength, bravery, and high level of intelligence shows how he has supernatural abilities. His bravery comes in to play extremely in book 1 because he fought very well in the trojan war. His troops left him in the middle of the war and he stayed and fought and ended up winning the war all by himself.

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Book one really showed his ability to stand alone and his independence, it also showed his bravery and supernatural qualities. Odysseus has a lot of good on his side and this is shown in book 5 . I say this because there is multiple people that I will explain that helped odysseus in this book. All of his men and the boats that they were in were destroyed so calypso helped him build a new boat.

Calypso also provided him with provisions from his island. Odysseus then took sail and 18 days in and poisedinn stirs up a storm witch nearly drags the ship and odysseus under sea. Before anything bad happened to odysseus the goddess ino came to the rescue with veil that will keep odysseus safe even if his ship gets wrecked. Athena also tries to help odysseus. These are multiple examples of how odysseus still has backup and good people on his side. Now moving on to book nine, odysseus had a huge role and shocked a lot of people with his abilities. In this book he odysseus and some others were sailing through the murky night and stopped on an island of the cyclops.

A rough uncivilized race of one eyed giants. After the made a meal of wild goats they decide to cross the mainland of the island. They immediately come upon a cave, this cave was full of sheep and crates of milk and cheese. The Men tell odysseus to go and grab some of these items to take with them since they only had fruit in their body. Odysseus decides to linger and soon comes up on polyphemus witch is one of the cyclops. Right away the cyclops devours 2 of his men and leaves odysseus and a couple others in a cell for a seperate meal. Overnight in the cell odysseus scripts out a plan to get the cyclops drunk on wine brought from the ship. It ended up working and when the cyclops passed out from intoxication they got out and plunged the wooden staff into his eye repeatedly and made him blind. They ended up getting off the island safely. This book shows his defeat on the cyclops and how he outsmarted him. To me book 10 shows and bring out odysseus leadership of the men.

I didn’t just see this in book 10 but in this book it got my attention about it. In this book odysseus did a lot of over sea traveling that definitely took some leadership. Odysseus made the key decisions on where to go, such as which islands to go to and witch direction. The men listen to odysseus, they trust him at this point. Odysseus has done too much things by now to not be trusted. Odysseus travels to the underworld in book 11. He makes the offerings according to circe’s instructions. Not just anyone would be able to travel there and see the shades of death. Knowing that odysseus has this ability to travel to the underworld it gives him larger than life qualities. Odysseus is strong but not strong enough to defeat a shade by HIMSELF with no help but himself and his sword. Knowing that he is alone this relate to book 1 standing and fighting alone once again. Odysseus is doing this for a reason that he can handle.

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