Gun Violence and Gun Control

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Gun violence in America is a never-ending series of tragedy after tragedy, mass-shooting and the one of the constant social problem in United State. Many innocent lives have been taken to gun violence from Sandy Hook elementary, Pulse nightclub in Orlando, 2017 Las Vegas, Columbine High School, and all of that violence has been increasing. The Second Amendment, the right of the people to bear arms, has given the individual to own a gun, but many have abused the power to harm others.

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How much more can we bear losing the lives to gun violence?

The statistic shown that 68 percent of murders, 41 percent of robbery offenses and 21 of aggravate assaults nationwide, (National Institute of Justice). The estimate of firearms in United State are more than 300 million and to have a firearm is a controversial ongoing issue for the citizens in America. Some would argue to have firearm is to protect themselves from crime occurred, but it is known a threat to others. How does the structural functionalism work in gun violence? The possibility to reduce gun violence is the gun control, they are the one who decide what kind of firearms can be sold and bought and who can possess or sell them. The functionalism in the society brings the people together who show how bad the violence has endured and inspire to make a difference by educating others to make changes or how to decrease the gun violence. This function create solidarity within society to create unity to find a way to stop gun violence by creating a movement. I would agree how a movement would help the society to find a way to reduce gun violence.

The conflict theory on gun violence are a constant debate on how we could control gun violence because the individual has their own opinion who should own guns. There are variants of the main cause of gun violence from mental illness, but some would argue it wasn’t a mental illness that cause a gun violence. Drugs or robbery does cause gun violence. Each of us has our own theory on what cause the gun violence to rise in America and some would say a developmental issue because no one could predict who would use guns in violent acts. Some theory would say the cause of gun violence from gang rival or community like Chicago who is prone to violence. With the conflict theory on gun violence is complex because there are variable theory on what makes gun violence increasing and I believe there is no correct answer but the best we can do is to take some control. Can you believe 96 American are killed with guns, (Everytown Research), some are with the intent, some are homicide, and access to gun ownership is more of the risk of death than suicide? That is mind blown.

As we look at the symbolic interactionism, when there is gun violence happening in school, then another school would experience the same violence as Sandy Hook elementary and Columbine High School. Gun violence could be a reason, such as social problem from an individual who seeks out revenge or gang rival shooting unexpectedly harm innocent citizens but truly meant for another rival. Gun violence has changed the way we look at violence as we keep seeing on newspaper or on television, we have been desensitized to gun violence. For instance, we see gun violence on television and we begin to understand as we accept that it is normal. Another normalized is in poor communities, when the violence occurred, and no police was called, because the violence was ongoing as people see the problems that become unsolved and it became an everyday problem.

Gun violence is on the rise and I believe there are some ways we can reduce or stop gun violence. From my understanding about gun violence, it is rooted in America and we should find the time expand access to ensure that the gun doesn’t fall into the wrong hands such as people who have mental illness or felonies. If we want to reduce gun violence, the fact about guns, it is usually revolves around gun control that is, law that would make guns harder to buy, carry, or own, (Stray). Gun control is the one who can who set the law and policies on firearms, so therefore, they have the control to reduce gun violence.

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