Does Gun Control Actually Control Crime

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Updated: Apr 01, 2020
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On average, there are 276 gun homicides a week throughout America. There are 439 gun suicides. All told, there are, on average, nearly 1,200 incidents involving gun violence, every week, in America (Dam). In society today violence is more prevalent than ever specifically gun violence. From worldwide news to small town news channels we hear about gun violence on a weekly basis. There is a belief that no gun control powerful enough to stop those who want to use guns for violence. As an active member in the gun owner community there are rules and regulations needed to be followed for safety purposes. Although there is always going to be criminals with the access to firearms resulting in violence and unsafe situations. Not only is the crime rate rising there is also a rise in the suicide rates, mass shootings, homicides, and gun related accidents.

Gun laws impose on the rights to feel as though there is a right to self defense. Such as in 2016 Chicopee Massachusetts native Jeffrey Lovell was taken into custody for murder of Dylan Francisco a 15 year old teenager. Lovell was charged with first degree murder as Massachusetts has a statutory Castle Doctrine, a law that limits the “duty to retreat” from danger inside your own home. In certain situations, a homeowner is required to retreat; in others, a homeowner can kill an intruder.(Steele) The Massachusetts Castle Doctrine was put into place by the supreme court and is used as a defense to prosecution if the defendant injured or killed a person who was unlawfully in the defendant’s dwelling, if the defendant: Acted in the reasonable belief that the intruder was about to inflict great bodily injury or death on the defendant or another person who was lawfully in the dwelling; and Used reasonable means to defend themselves or the other person lawfully in the dwelling. As previously mentioned, there’s no duty to retreat before using force to defend yourself in your dwelling (P.Statsky). During the trial of Lovell he took the stand and stated that he was afraid the person pounding on his door at about 12:30 p.m. was going to get into his house and seriously injure or kill him and his family. As an understandable means of protection Lovell did what in the moment seemed to be best. This showing the fight for flight reaction in this scary and intense situation.

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As of the increase of suicide rates, mass shootings, homicides, and gun related accidents. Statistically showing gun related killings the United States was at in increase as 64% as of 2016 , Canada 30.5% as of 2015, Australia at an increase of 13% as of 2014,England and Wales 4.5% as of 2016. There have been more than 90 mass shootings in the US since 1982, according to investigative magazine Mother Jones. Up until 2012, a mass shooting was defined as when an attacker had killed four or more victims in an indiscriminate rampage. As of suicides by firearms as for 2016 statistics the CDC( center for disease control) totaled to 33,600. Coming to the astonishing conclusion that more than 22,600 where gun related suicide! From the years of 1991 to 2017 there have been 215 people killed by mass shootings in the united states alone. As well as the guns used in these mass shootings have been: handguns,rifles,shotguns, and assault style weapons. Although most killings are involved by hand guns according to FBI data. The public is very divided as to the conceal carry policy showing that most if not all agree upon preventing the mentally ill from purchasing guns, barring gun purchase on those who are on the no fly or watch list. It is shown that more people following the republican party wish to allow concealed carry in more places as well as allow teachers and officials to carry guns in schools (BBC).

On a daily there will always be thoes who obtain gun in an illegal manner.

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