The Importance of Gun Control

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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The Importance of Gun Control

Advocates for gun control argue that it plays a critical role in reducing firearm-related violence, accidents, and ensuring public safety. This topic would delve into the reasons behind the push for gun control, supporting data, international comparisons, and its potential to reshape the fabric of American society. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Crime topic.

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Gun control is one of the most battled zones in the United States. There have been legislative issues raised by activists on gun control and other weapons associated with the same matter. Many people have fallen victims of gun violence and activists’ movements in America have been battling its control. Statistics show that close to 270million personnel own weapons outside the military in the United States (ProCon, 2016). In order to control this ownership, measures to input strict control over purchasing the guns need to be employed.

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In addition to this, the justice system could come up with harsh punishments for those who violate such laws. Policies that make it hard for people to purchase guns will have a positive impact on their control. To prevent unnecessary accidents, individuals with unstable mental states should be kept away from weapons while those who seeking to purchase guns taken through psych evaluations to determine their states of mind.

My stand on this debate would be to have more law that control proprietorship. Women have fallen victims of abuse and stalking both at their homes or other places. Most people prefer having weapons for self-preservation. There is however other cases that can be derived from the ownership which could be for the aim of protection and other factors that can benefit the society. For instance, a lot of firearm control could influence chasing sports. Additionally, the security of the natives couldbe uncoveredif the tenets for checking the firearm business solidify. Weapon control won’t prevent hoodlums from carrying out specific violations.

Policies and laws that control weapon passing relate in the manner that reduction in the accessibility of the weapons lessens the passing proportionally. Ladies in this case will also be shielded from the stalkers and abusers in their residential areas. Paying more attention to this point, it is right to say that finding out about a wrongdoing within a household is less complicated when there are weapons available. In such a case, the degree of harm inflicted when there are weapons in the house is way too high especially in a relationship that one person has control over the other. Fame law also needs to be subjected to scrutiny to ensure that none of the people with aggressive behaviors are allowed to purchase or claim the right to a firearm.

Attributing to the claim that weapons are used as part of self-preservation, the National Rifle Association and its money related accomplices assert that weaponsare utilizedsomething like 2.5 million times each year in it (Violence Policy Center, 2015). This basically entails protection from all forms of burglary and prevention of wrongdoings such as murders. Most private nationals however use the firearms for mischief and fame than for murders relation to self-defense (VPC, 2015). In2013,there were 7,838 detailed gun murders and just 211 legitimate manslaughters. The VPC states a weapon is significantly more inclined to be stolen than utilized as a part of self-preservation. The nearness of a firearm additionally makes a contention more plausible to end up plainly vicious.

Certain games are still upheld by the society and those fighting against gun control policies and laws. Chasing games for instance is one of the societal brutalities that can be attributed to many families owning guns. Most people believe that these games are meant to control overpopulation of certain game creatures in attempt to give sustenance to other families. There are benefits that are reaped from these chasing games such as job creation through licensing, educators and ownership of product stores. Certain individuals also take these games as bonding moments with families and acquaintances as their way of life.

The Second Amendment to the constitution of the United States allowed for the possession of a single weapon (1994). The law plainly expresses that a “very much controlled local army is important to the security of a free state, and the privilege of the general population to keep and remain battle ready should notencroach”; giving legitimate weapon proprietorship in the nation. This means that each individual is entitled to own a gun detached withtheadministrationin a state army and to utilize that arm for generally legitimate purposes (ProCon, 2016

The law also gives the owners of the weapons to use them legitimately. According to the Supreme Court ruling in 2010, the second amendment to gun ownership was declared an individual right. Weapon control laws don’t dissuade wrongdoing; firearm possession deflects wrongdoing (ProCon, 2016). The various states in the United States of America had conflicting views on gun control and ownership of weapons. However, a survey conducted following the second amendment indicated that those that conducted an expansion in weapon possessionadditionallyannounced a huge decline in vicious wrongdoings. This translated to the fact that possession of these weapons was directly proportional to increased wrongdoing rates. Nevertheless, the proprietorship has a relationship to the lessening in rough violations with many people believing that control over weapons possession meant losing privilege to self-protection and well-being (ProCon, 2016).

The statement that “Weapon control may not prevent hoodlums from carrying out wrongdoings,” is deemed partially true. With the increased laws and policies on gun control, fewer weapons in circulation will make it harder for people to access them. This means that there is a reduction in crime rates. At the point when hoodlums are resolved to perpetrate a wrongdoing no laws or guidelines will stop them; in any case, iffewerweapons are accessible or harder to get it’ll affect them in the commission of specific violations. Reports also show that individuals under certain medications have their actual state of mind affected. This relates to their ethical qualities and when a chance to express them comes, outrage in form of gun violence is expressed. The need to get those medications could incite more wrongdoing including weapons. Officials could take a gander at that viewpoint and make a proviso about substance manhandle and weapon possession.

All in all, my take is for the government to control the possession of firearms. This will control the weapons circulating among individuals and eventually cut down the crime levels. Most laws and policies are made and never actualized. Gun control relates to protection of human life and the move to actualize the law should be made with immediate effect. Ventures, for example, the chasing businessshouldn’t be affected contrarily, neitherthe monetary and natural positive advantages that it creates. The history of gun ownership goes way before the independence time and people still feel the urge to protect themselves even with an army that is deployed for the safety of the citizens.

Sometimes these laws may not stop the violations of gun ownership but will result to a drop in the crime rates. This is still a positive win and a step closer to protecting the nation. Other measures that can be put in place include training on use, dangers and storage of firearms. This will provide knowledge to citizens on the importance of gun control. A trained and dependable gun owner is hardly likely to cause unnecessary accidents and mistakes.

This is because the proprietor is fit for maintaining discipline when possessing a weapon. More exertion ought tobe designedfor the training of legitimate firearm utilization and support.


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