Security Enhanced Peace for the Entire Nation

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Security Enhanced Peace for the Entire Nation

A secure nation, free from external threats and internal strife, is crucial for peace and prosperity. This topic would explore the link between security measures, whether they be related to gun control, defense, or intelligence, and the resultant peace and stability enjoyed by the populace. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to Gun Control topic.

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It is the responsibility of citizens in collaboration with the government to ensure that security is maintained by all means possible. The United States is a diversified nation and gun usage has been no news. Owning of guns by citizens irrespective of age has been an ongoing trend. It is evident that security matters and the acquisition of these guns to some citizens in essential. On the other hand, gun misuse cases have been reported from a number of citizens owning them.

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A large percentage being students who threaten teachers and fellow students using these weapons. The many massacres that have happened in the last few years calls for the need to implement a strategy on gun control in the entire country. The control strategy will be a success if strict measures will be put in place and adhered to with respect to who should and who should not own a gun.

It is a fundamental right to own gun in the US; this right is protected by the second amendment to the United States constitution, parts of the Bills of Rights and also by the Constitutions of most of the US states. The 2nd Amendment states A well regulated, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right to own Arms shall not be infringed. This serves as the reason why gun control in the US has been a hard task, Zick (pp.5).

Culture entails beliefs, behaviors and attitude of a certain group of people over a certain issue. The gun culture in the US encompasses all the above attributes with respect to firearms and their usage by civilians, Bindu et al (pp.217). Gun Culture? phrase was used by Richard Hofstadter back in 1970 to express Americas long held affection for guns. Based on the facts that gun ownership in the US is constitutionally protected, many citizens some loyal and others criminal take advantage of this security. Guns in the US are used genuinely and on the other hand misused by a large percentage of their acquirers. In some instances, gun usage in the US is based on self-defense, hunting and recreational uses like target shooting. These reasons were effective in the old days when survival depended on self-defense from enemies and hunting was passion for many. Things have changed and the citizens are taking arms based on personal uses and reasons. The question now is who should and who should not own a gun in the US based current reports on gun misuse in that country. It is quite evident that efforts to control gun use in the country have been challenged severally leaving the case pending. Gun politics have always been polarized between the conservatives and the liberal. Again here we ask, could there be beneficiaries of the gun acquisition and usage epidemic in the US senior political positions? Based on the rights imposed on gun ownership, let’s turn our attention to the effects of misusing these arms.

Current reports and news circulation on US media are based on needs to control gun in the country. This has been attributed by the rise in death rates based on poor management of these weapons. Guns being in the hands of any US citizen who can afford to access it has resulted to threats on security of the entire US nation. Every citizen feels protected by acquiring this arms. This results to gun violence in case one feel inferior. It is quite unfortunate that many cases of homicides are based on gun usage, Siegel and Rothman (pp.1318-20). Mass deaths reported in America proves that it is not a matter of many do not use in cases where self-defense ids most essential. This brings us to the base of this research paper on why gun control is beneficial for US as a nation and its citizens in general.

Based on the current news, gun control process has been given consideration due to rise on death rates as contributed to misuse of these fire arms. It is evident that most of the illegal shootings in the US happen from legally owned/ purchased firearms. Research has revealed over 70 mass shootings in America which covered more than 3 decades of incidents. It is clear that out of the 75% incidents researched on, the guns used to kill were legally owned. This brings in the need to limit those who can acquire and own guns in the US. NRA claims that the guns have helped reduce crime in the US are just fictions and have no base, Kleck (pp.5-7). Instead, gun ownership has resulted to rise in mass deaths thus the need to control those who can own them. This therefore calls for the government to implement more restrictions on legal purchase to reduce the number of people acquiring arms in US. This will significantly reduce the number of casualty incidents that occur.

Having access to guns increases the risk of violence in the US. Linda Dahlberg conducted a study back in 2004 which revealed that having firearm at home increases the cases of suicide and homicide in the US, Kegler (pp.13). It is quite unfortunate that these home death cases continue increasing no matter how many guns are owned in a family or how safely they are locked in their safes. Homicide cases are 40 times higher at homes that possess a gun. On the other hand, fire-arm related suicide cases are 90 times higher when a gun is kept at home. This call for the need to control gun ownership among normal citizens. This will reduce the cases of deaths attributed to gun being held at home thus need for strict law governing the same. Losing citizens is a loss to the country. Gun control can result to rise in population which will be beneficial to the US government in terms of revenue generation, development projects among others. Safe storage of guns is a common form of gun regulation which the NRA has been battling for years National Crime Victimization Survey proved that between 20017-11, 92.2 percent of victims did not use their guns as protective device. This brings us to our argument on the need to limit gun holders as they are not of any positive benefit. The right to carry (RTC) and use guns in the US have resulted to increase in crime thus the need to regulate it for a better nation.

Based on the facts that people who should not own guns can still purchase them, it is essential for the US government to establish bodies that will be responsible for this trade. If possible, guns should only be sold from the US security departments. Sellers of guns in the US must be monitored in their selling process, Nusbaum (pp.1268). The authorization of the private-sale of guns has increased the number of people owning the arm since they require no background check on the purchaser. Based on stipulations on the Brandy Bill, people prohibited from owning guns may take advantage of these private vendors. Gun control legislation can help stop this trend as it drugs the economy of the US behind. A number of states have adopted laws that are meant to limit unlawful gun usage and accidents. On the other hand, different nations have put different measures that govern their gun control process. Acquisition of guns has been made almost impossible in some nations like Finland, Italy, and France among other nations. This shows that strict legislation measure is the remedy for gun control in the US.

Accidental injuries and deaths are contributed by unintentional shooting among the US gun holders. Based on research conducted in 2010, the unintentional deaths were reported to be 600. A continued research between 2005-2010 revealed that out of 1300 cases of unintentional shooting were youths below 25 years, Renee Doherty and Bornstein (pp.10). It is quite unfortunate that though some parties have been trying to enforce the gun control campaigns, challenges of implementing the strategies and making the campaign a success have been hindered by the rights governing acquisition of Arms, Hamilton and Kposowa (pp.88). It is therefore vital for the US government to be flexible and create room for amending these stipulations that are hindering gun control. The US government should ensure addition of loading indicator and a childproof safety lock on these firearms this will reduce the rate of unintentional death by 30%. In the end, peace will prevail and responsible gun holders will be realized. The US gun control legislation must therefore include safety measures that if well adhered to will contribute greatly in saving lives. This will enhance the development of the entire country as peace serves as an engine to growth

In conclusion, it is evident that having access to guns increases the risk of violence based on the fact that most shootings in the US comes from legally owned guns thus the need to control it Webster (pp.4). This is a serious issue that calls for consideration based on the fact that cases of deaths resulting to gun use are seriously rising. As matter of facts, gun control does not require confiscation as its directed to reduction of accidental injuries. This is a fact that is for the betterment of the country and its citizens in large thus the need to control guns in the US. Though gun control would result to black market, the government and the citizens must be ready to commit themselves in this campaign. The commitment would serve as threat to any person intending to market guns illegally. Gun control if put in practice can take the US security and peace to high heights. In the end, the US will develop economically, socially and also politically and will be among the best nations to reside in.

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