Gun Politics in the United States

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Gun Politics in the United States

This essay delves into the political landscape surrounding guns in the U.S., looking at lobbying groups, political parties’ stances, legislative battles, and how gun politics shape electoral outcomes. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to Gun topic.

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Today America has a problem with guns and how they try on and off to control the second amendment. Many problems occur with restricting or tightening gun laws in America. Guns spark a lot of controversy because of the murder, suicides, and fatal injuries. Shootings are the most widely talked about issue especially with guns that have maximized murder potential or assault rifles to be more specific.

States such as California have restricting gun laws. Places they call “free gun zones” are places where no guns are allowed in the buildings or around certain areas.

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Kind of how schools are with their no gun signs hung up on doors in the building. Mostly due to school shootings is why theses signs are put up and in California these rules are being ignored by concealed owners and shooters.

Shootings in our schools are happening way too often to be considered a coincidence. Shootings happen in places of America such as streets, schools, theatres, etc. and not much could be done about it. People think guns should be used by teachers in school buildings. Giving guns to teachers with a concealed license could prevent shootings but also could be a danger. What if a kid gets a hold of these guns or the teacher isn’t required yet brings a gun to school anyways? for the fact that this debate is heavily controversial teachers shouldn’t have guns for the fact they could make the school a more dangerous place rather than making it safer.

Guns in particular are dangerous but assault weapons or fully automatic weapons are definitely more deadly. These weapons maximize killing potential by ten fold. Things such as ammunition, accuracy, range, power, and being fully automatic make them extremely deadly. These weapons are seen in many shootings such as Columbine and the LA shooting to kill as many as possible. People who use these guns only for good such as target practice or for defensive reasons would be angered if these guns were to be taken away.

Firearms are mainly for defense and hunting purposes and when used correctly can save lives. Gun use of bad nature could be shootings or wrongful arguing leading to violence. People think we should give everyone a gun mostly for defense but a wrongful arguement or a wrong word could get you killed.

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