Does Gun Control Reduce Crime?

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Will Gun control help in reducing crimes? There are the people who think that having gun control will not help in stopping crimes, they believe gun control does not deter crime; gun ownership deters crime. They believe having gun control will infringe upon the right to self-defense. Then there are people who support the idea of having gun control because they believe having gun control can help reduce crime, and they think there are many cases were guns are stolen and are used by criminals.

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Gun control is one of the biggest issues nowadays after the mass shooting in Parkland, FL. Every year the gun violence continues to increase and creates a concern of safety for citizens and nation. However, Gun control can help decrease the mass shootings by taking guns away from criminals which can reduce violent crime.

Gun control can help having reduce the crime rates in the U.S. by having background checks and banning assault rifles and high capacity magazines which led to mass shootings. There should be a minimum age for people to use guns and kids should not be allowed to use guns. According to Quinnipiac University Poll, 97% of people and 97% of gun owners support the universal background checks, and 67% of them support to ban assault rifles. American high school students support stricter gun laws and they also support in participating campaigns for gun control in hopes of getting laws changed to prevent future school shootings. About half of students, about 45 percent said that they strongly agree with the stricter gun laws. Most students disagree with the proposal by President Trump of arming teachers, because people think arming teachers is not the right choice of defending school premises. Having a gun in classroom is an invitation to violence, having guns in classroom can also start arm race and there are many other ways to protect students. People think giving guns to teachers and other staff members will protect the premises more, but people still attack heavy armed premises often, and the intruders have no fear of losing their lives, in fact losing their lives is part of their plan.

There are many other ways to protect school rather than arming teachers. Arming teachers can fail to keep many universities and schools as gun-free zones. Rather than arming teachers there should be bulletproof curtains which can help when necessary, and there can also be barricades at the classroom door in case of emergency to keep the intruder out. Having emergency drills as common as fire drills, so teachers and students know what to do in case of emergency. And another way is to give staff key cards instead of actual key to access classrooms or any other doors. Each school also lock their door during the school day and when the visitor comes they must ring the doorbell from outside which should be equipped with camera, so staff members would know and see who is trying to enter.

According to a report in Journal of Pediatric, America loses an average of 25 children each week under the age of 17. Children who are not victims of bullets they still carry weight of this trauma. Children who have seen someone shot in front of them or in their neighborhood gets scared and carry trauma. People who care about and value children’s life who want to protect them from bullets aimed for them and having trauma caused by gun violence in their communities. Most of the teachers don’t want to arm themselves they want a better gun law which can control future school shootings and many other problems. Teachers agree of better resources than arming themselves. They want the Government to use the money they are willing to use for arming teachers to help have better gun laws, which can protect everyone and children’s who are victims of shooting. They want to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines which convert a murder into mass shootings. Gun Control law can help reduce the societal costs associated with gun violence.

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