Computer Edit Software, Research Model Building and Research Decision Making

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Updated: Oct 17, 2021
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Computer Edit Software, Research Model Building and Research Decision Making essay


· SPSS(statistical package for the social sciences)~

Basically in computer edit software, we focused of SPSS. SPSS statistics is actually a software package which is used in various purposes like in interactive purpose, or in batches or in statistical analysis. This software name originally stood for statistical package for the social sciences (i.e. SPSS) and it’s basically an application that can aid in quantitative data handling before developing of this software, our researchers had to run statistical tests on data sets by hand i.e. hand written. And this software is famous in various fields in our daily life like it includes the marketing area and health science. As in 2009, it was acquired by IBM and it’s latest various or we can say it’s current versions was developed in 2015 and are named as IBM SPSS statistics. Actually it’s initial release was in 51 years ago in 1968. Now we should know what is the function of SPSS like SPSS is a statistical package for social sciences. As in previous time researcher do works by hand, so there is a quite possible chances for error, mistakes, and many more things as it is time consuming as well. So, for that this SPSS software is developed. So that research could be done in a computer based programme for data entry and further analysed on all aspects of statistics. It has extreme use in health departments. And this software provides accurate and quick data analysis as it has not be done by hand.

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Actually this IBM SPSS software provides us many advanced things as we can say it shortly that it’s a vast library of machine learning algorithms, text analysis, statistical analysis, open source extensibility and integration with big data and perfectly consistent application. And it also compare the things with others as well and it is accessible to users with all skill levels and outfit projects of all sizes and complexity and it help us to find new opportunities in respective field and provide improved efficiency and minimise the risk factor.


In a statistical software field the world’s leading software i.e. used to solve research problems and solve business related problems. As it gives assumptions as well as also give accurate conclusions. Those organisation which use IBM SPSS software is help to analyse the data analysis very clearly and accurately with hypothesis testing and geospatial analysis and predictive analysis.

As in 1968, the first version was released as SPSS and after being developed by Dale H. Bent, Norman H. Nile, and C. Hadlai Hull. In 1975 those principles integrated as SPSS Inc. This is running as it read the command file of SPSS which is either in a data with fixed format raw input file with a single record type or in a getfile of data. There are different versions of SPSS which were available for Mac OS X, windows and Unix. SPSS version of 13.0 i.e. for Mac OS X was not that much compatible because it causing errors in calculations. Now 15.0 version is for windows needs a downloadable hotfix which is installed in order to be proper compatible for a window vista. Again then 16.0 version runs for window, Mac and Linux. In JAVA the graphical user interface is written. That Mac OS version of this is well compatible for both Intel based Mac hardware and Power PC. As it is provided as a universal binary.

· How does it benefit survey data analysis?

As we know SPSS i.e. statistics package for the social sciences and this software was used by various researchers for complex statistical data analysis. And in 1968, it was originally launched by SPSS Inc. and later in 2009 IBM acquired it. Now the whole world is very much impressed by it because it is quite command straight forwardly and totally in English language command and impressive thorough user manual. As this software is use in our various fields like in government entities, marketing organisation, data miners, survey companies, health researchers, and many more for analysis and processing the analysis of data. And this can also compare to others data as well so that we can get the most or good out of it.

· Main Functions of SPSS:

SPSS assist 4 programmes which are as follows-

  1. Statistics programme Basic statistical function Include frequencies, cross tabulation and bivariate statistics
  2. Modeler programme Help to build advanced statistical procedures Help researchers to validate predictive models
  3. Text analysis Help administrators of survey to get powerful uncover responses open ended survey questioning
  4. Visualisation designer Allow researcher to create wide variety of visuals like in density charts and so on.


In addition all the 4 programmes also provide the solution of various problems as in management of data which allow them to perform case selection, reshaping of file and create derived data. Beside from statistical analysis, the software also features data management. We can say that it is quite a powerful software to do things as there are various graphical options. The main interesting thing is it can both edit and analyse all sorts of data and it open all file formats.

· SPSS great for –

  1. Opening data files either its in own file formats in many other forms.
  2. Editing data and SPSS has very advanced options for more complex operations as well.
  3. Table and charts creating that contain counts of frequency or statistics over cases and variables.
  4. It can run illative statistics as such ANOVA, regression and analyses of factors. 
  5. It can save data’s and outputs in wide varieties of file formats.


If we are talking to edit data’s, it needs energy, hard work to do it, and as in real world research, data needs editing before analysed. So, it’s very hard to detect it and then restructuring it and also to remove the things so, for that place as it can easily detect and performs such tasks and more complex ones with amazing efficiency.

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