Censorship in Media

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The worst thing about censorship is ————–. The internet should be a free market with unrestricted ideas. Currently in the US the only speech that is not protected by the Constitution is speech directed to inciting imminent lawless action and that is likely to incite or produce such action. our laws should stay that way.

Currently I am in broadcasting and I’m interested in going into film. I would rather not be forced to not be able to create certain works just because these select few individuals see my work to be “offensive” or to be “hate speech”. The government should not have an ability to determine what the public should be allowed to hear.

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With the ability to censor the internet, who would keep the “watchers” in check. And when I mean by “watchers” I mean the people who regulate the internet. At some level, someone does not have anyone to whom they report to regarding their censorship decisions. Who ever is at the “top” could force their political views and other viewpoints to the public’s eyes.

My second point is who would define hate? And once you normalize the expectation that hate speech is censored, what happens when the political climate shifts and you find your own views derided as hateful by those you disagree with? China has an extreme amount of censorship in its country. If you speak out against the government you’ll most likely be censored by their 30,000 cyber police. This cyber-police force was established in 2000 when the internet was just taking off. It operates as a division within the police departments of 700 cities and provinces in China.

Another reason why censorship is bad is because it limits entrepreneurial opportunities. According to a BBC article written by Carrie Gracie; local Chinese businesses such as Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba, some of the world’s largest internet enterprises, benefited from the way China has blocked international rivals from the market. Smaller companies can easily be overshadowed by these big corporations as they can pay money to these watchers just as politicians are funded by large corporations.

The worst thing about censorship is in restricts individuals from accessing a freedom of expression and it allows one person to dictate what is acceptable to be published on the net. We should not take our internet freedom for granted and protect these rights we already have in the US.

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