Case against same Sex Marriage

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Updated: May 17, 2021
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Case against same Sex Marriage essay

Same sex marriage is an institution between people of the same gender. It is formally or officially recognized by law if it was done on a civil marriage terms. It can also be done in a religious way where the unisex couple are brought together by a priest in a church or a mosque for the Muslims. In the recent years, there has been increased cases of unisex marriage and even countries have made it legal for couples of the same sex to fall in love and engage in matrimony.

I am against unisex marriage as I find it immoral and a vice in the society in that, the main purpose of a matrimony is for procreation purposes as God purposed it to be. Marriage between people of the same gender makes procreation impossible and hence redefining the God’s purpose of marriage (Nielsen, 2012). As a Christian who frequently read the word of the lord and attend church summons to understand the will of God, I believe that God is not happy when a couple of the same sex engage together in an unholy matrimony.

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Nature holds it that marriage between people of different sex is natural and acceptable by nature. Therefore, marriage between people of the same gender is going against the law of nature and therefore it is unacceptable in nature and should not be condoned in the society. The marriage institution is a social institution that the human being instituted by themselves hence, it is not a natural thing but cases against same sex marriage based on heterogeneous sex shows that the institution should be between people of different sex and not people of the same sex (Corvino, 2013). Homosexuality and lesbianism creates a certain discomfort even by thinking about it, something feels it’s not right and hence should not be accepted in the society.

Marital sanctity is threatened by same sex marriage in that religion defines marriage as a holy matrimonial between people of opposite sex and any sexual act in this marriage setting between a man and a woman is considered as holy and sacred. Marriage between people of the same sex kills the sexual sanctity in marriage and any sexual or intimate act that blossoms in such a marriage is unholy and not sacred as God initially intended it to be.

Formally, homosexual marriage was seen as a vice in the society and people who engaged in this type of a marriage were discriminated against in the society. This perception is rapidly changing and people are accepting gay marriages in the society and it is seen as normal. With time, this will be a threat to the Christian community who are practicing normal marriage as they will start to be discriminated against and the normal marriage setting will be seen as abnormal.

Marriage between same sex will create a gateway for a catastrophic future in that if it is accepted in the society, people who have sex with animals secretly will come out and advocate for legalization of bestiality (Poston, 2015). This will create a society with no morals and where any form of sexual immorality is accepted. This is not a bright future for mankind and it will put them far from God’s ways. It is also not good for the continuation of mankind as all other marriage settings apart from marriage between man and a woman cannot bear children.


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