The Right to Equality

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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The Right to Equality

This essay will discuss the concept of the right to equality as a fundamental human right. It will explore the legal, social, and moral dimensions of equality, including issues related to race, gender, sexuality, and economic status. The piece will examine the challenges and progress in achieving equality worldwide, as well as the role of laws, social movements, and international agreements in promoting and protecting this right. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Critical Theory.

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Imagine a community or city where everyone is treated equally and no one is discriminated against. Everyone in this world deserves to be treated as an equal and nothing less. Equality is the absence of legal discrimination against any one individual, group, class, gender or race. Till this day many races, groups and class are being discriminated. Race and ethnicity is one of the biggest things that cause people to discriminate against others.The global community is not doing enough to uphold the right to equality .

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Although many believe that everyone in this world is treated equally , that is not the case. As a global community we must do better and try harder to show that everyone is equal in this world.

To many people in this world have to overcome so many obstacles because people don’t see them as equals to get somewhere in life and they have a right to equality. The right to equality simply means the right to live with equal opportunities. For many years people have not been given the same opportunities and same treatment because of their skin color. This began way back in 1619 when a dutch ship brought african slaves to the british colony of Jamestown, Virginia. Men and women thought that because of their skin color they were superior and anything of color were beneath them . The LGBTQ community or group has been a recent group that has not been treated equally because of who the are. 80% of the LGBTQ youth report server isolation because they feel as though if they come out to their peers they would not be accepted. The National Discrimination Survey shows that 71 percent of 6,450 respondents said that they hid their gender or gender transition to avoid discrimination. Also six out of ten LGBTQ students report feeling unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation. Imagine having a child that did not want to go to school because they are afraid to get bullied because of the sex the like. Would you like it if you were judge or bullied everyday because you like someone of the same sex?

Initially many would argue that everyone in this world is treated equally but the global community do not believe people should be treated equally because of their gender. For example there are clear salary differences in the workplace because of gender and race groups. An employer paying a woman less than a man for the same work is an example of a gender wage discrimination. On average, a woman earns 80.5 cents for every dollar a man earns, and women’s median annual earnings are $10,086 less than men’s according to data from the U.S Census Bureau. To simply put it for every dollar a man makes a woman makes 20 cents less. If women were paid what men were paid, women would have a lot more than what they make. As a result of that many families and single parents would not have to struggle as much to take care of their families, and it all comes back to the inequality in the workplace. In addition between 1980 and 2000 the gender pay gap as shrunk but has largely stalled, closing by less than a nickel. Deborah Vagins stated that losing the gender pay gap will take action from individuals, employer, and policy makers (4). Hispanic and black women when getting a job are offered 90 cents for every dollar white men earn. This means as a society we aren’t doing enough for the backbone in our families, the women in our lives. The color of someone’s skin and their ethnicity plays a role in how the society doesn’t test them equally in the workplace. Do women black, Hispanic, white , or any color deserve to be paid less than a man even if they work just as hard and just as much?

There are many reasons why people in this world should be treated equally. A main reason why is because we are all humans living in the same world breathing the same air just living different lives. Equality does not mean that we are all the same. Each of us are unique in our own ways but we all have the same qualities that make us human and a society. So each of us should be treated with respect and treat others the way we want to be treated. Furthermore, no person should be discriminated against because someone thinks they are better than the next. Everybody has the right to protection from all forms of violence caused by reason of their race, language, sex, religion and political beliefs.

Are we doing enough as a community? No one wants to be judge and talked about because of their color or sexuality. We are all equal, we are all humans. What type of man or woman are you? J.K Rowling said it best “ if you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors not his equals”

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