Gender Equality in the Eye of the Societ

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“In recent years, gender equality in the eye of the society has become the utmost concern of many. Arguments have arisen as to what degree of consideration each is to be given, and unto what extents the other should be held against the other. Notably, the gender equality argument is one that does not seem to find a final conclusion any time soon, and with the rise of human rights activists and feminists who always give the topic a fresh eye, the issue seems to be at its threshold every single time one reviews the issue.

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Considerably, most women tend to support their own gender, while men also take their own side. Distinctly, this is in no way a shocker as any sane person would always support themselves in any situation. Given the fact that reproduction is a continuous process, and in the process any gender can be resulted into, this argument is yet to see a light. The sense of gender is an idea that is passed on as children grow up, and its roots lie in the views the society assert on each gender. Therefore, the society is the cause of gender differences.

Traditionally, roles are assigned as to the gender of a given person, and that teaches the individual to ascribe to a given gender trait. This takes place not only within our homes but also at our places of work and anywhere else both genders are present. According to Eckert (737), there are those responsibilities that are believed to be a woman’s, and in any case a man is involved, a societal awkwardness is perceived. In fact, some males risk condemnation by fellows.

For instance, a woman’s place has always been believed to be in the kitchen, but with the hanging times, women have found themselves white collar jobs, disposing them at similar levels to men. On that note, some men find it in themselves to help their wives in their homely responsibilities. However, this is often not so well taken, and these men are often disrespected by fellow age mates and friends (Eckert 737). Inasmuch as this goes on, men brought up in homes where roles are not designated as to gender are more likely to do any house chore without contempt as they have not learned to discern. Therefore, it is a fact that gender is learned.

The society in its groupings has a way of perpetrating the idea of difference in gender. Overtime, it has placed women at the weaker position, thereby, coding their tastes and preferences with weak colors and items. Indeed, children grow up believing that feminism goes with pink and floral items, while masculinity has tougher options like electronic and related devices (Eckert 739). In fact, one can recognize a child’s gender from the colors their parents dress them in. Moreover, the kind of games each are introduced to tend to differ.

For instance, girls are often taught to play with dolls and create home set ups, while boys are introduced to toys and fight games. All these are intended to display the “true” place of each gender in the society. Though counterarguments have it that these activities that children involve in are genetically wired, the society also makes a certain contribution in determining these places, and thereby, contributing towards gender differences.

What is more, relationships that exist within societies between two people are a basis of segregation. One partner has to be assigned the weaker sex position. According to Mays (718), even in same sex relationships, the society still has a way of assigning position to either of the partners. One way or the other, one has to be assigned the woman’s roles while the other a man’s. The society has ruled that a woman has to be less tough and a more protective person.

The man, on the other hand, is one who is considered tougher of the two and also less emotional which leaves the men at the fear of showing their emotions where people are. In such a culture, the man is believed to be available at the disposal of a woman to provide the required cover and protection. As children grow up, they find this form of lifestyle, one that places the women at lower levels, and they adopt it as well. Distinctly, this is bound to continue, and so will the fights on equality for those who feel this is inappropriate.

The above assertions are proofs of the society’s contribution to this societal rot that discriminates one gender from another. Considerably, the fights on gender equality are aggressively geared at eliminating such differences that bring about discrimination, one way or another. Prescribing certain behavior and lifestyle to a given gender is the main cause of gender discrimination.

Noteworthy, as long as the trend continues, the generation that follows the current one comes in to find the pre-existing culture, and they also take up the same traditions and further the topic of gender inequality. Therefore, it is recommendable that a change on societal view of the two genders promoted. Otherwise, the fight on gender equality that propels hatred and malice, is sure to have no end since the society is responsible for gender inequality.”

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