Essay about Logic of Misogyny (Part 1)

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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In modern society we live in today, misogyny is still evident as it was in the ancient days. From Manne’s book Down Girl, she has tried to create the image of how women are viewed by society at large (Manne, 2017). From her book, she has decided to address how this natural hatred of women should be treated very seriously, and she has cited how women have been taken for granted in the male-dominated society. The instinctive hatred of women in society is propelled by some natural factors that people feel they are shared between men and women.

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The best approach for misogyny is by the doctrine of feminism. As a doctrine, feminism can be difference feminism or equality feminism. For difference feminism, this doctrine acknowledges that although there is the difference between men and women, both genders have equal rights regardless of which gender does anyone belong whereas equality feminism advocates equality between men and women on their common similarities.

For the issue of misogyny to be eliminated in the society, people should start to appreciate the contribution of women in the development of the society, and they begin to advocate for equal opportunities between men and women. The society should also stop assuming that one gender should be subjected to them without question. The society should also eliminate the notion that certain positions in the political field in the community are best served by men and this will be the first stage towards the elimination of misogyny in the society.

Advocating for equality between men and women will clear the perspective that women owes men in society. This will, therefore, reduce instances where men feel that they should punish women for a certain wrong she has committed towards a man. This is not the case; anyway, men still boast of superiority, and they frequently punish women when they deviate from man’s wish. This has been evidenced by an event that happened in the recent past. Twenty people were shot down by a young man in California, and the killer declared that his move was to punish women. He said that women had rejected him which was against what is expected of women towards men.

Feminism should also be advocated in matters regarding people’s sexual lives. The society should stop thinking of women and seeing them as sexual objects (Ringrose, 2018). The society has for a long time been thinking of it that a woman should be there to satisfy man’s sexual desires and society has neglected the fact that women have their sexual interest too. Instead of seeing a woman be there to provide morals like sex to men in society, they should understand both women and men have equal responsibilities in satisfying the desire of each other. This will make women feel valued, and the feeling of being used as tools will cease to exist. Their incorporation as critical components instead of tools in man’s sexual life will eliminate the misogyny on sex in society.

The next area where feminism should be advocated is their contribution to a man’s life. Since ancient times, women are thought of as giving functions. Most men have been thinking that you can go for another woman if the one you have keeps on defying you. This naïve notion should be eliminated from men and they start seeing women not a function giving tools, but they have equal roles and responsibilities as men in society. Men should not take women for granted to perform specific tasks without pay, but their efforts should be appreciated as well. Men shod stop thinking the masculine ability is what determines the distribution of equality in society and avail equal opportunities to women s well (Halberstam, 2018)

As has been discussed above on equality feminism on how to promote gender equality in the society, feminism has it relates challenge in the society. Its true to say that feminism promotes equality among men and women as well as eliminating gender discrimination, Serene Khader has discussed the challenges that are related to the doctrine of feminism. The philosopher has tackled the challenges associated with the doctrine of feminism in her piece of writing, Decolonizing Universalism. It can’t be denied that her arguments put us in dilemma on whether to promote and advocate for equality between men and women or just let one gender superiority take its course of action in the society that we live in.

From Serene Khader. She has insisted that although feminism has to be advocated in the society, this doctrine out to respect cultural differences between men and women. In her argument on rejecting feminism, Khader has proposed nonideal feminism that provokes the view of feminism that here exist single culture which is compatible with feminism. She has suggested that, for any transnational feminist, these people should base their reference, not on the theoretical aspect of reasoning, but rather they should base their reasoning for an advocating feminist on basis of empirical information. She feels that the doctrine of feminism in the society is wrong as it features its arguments on the basis of the culture of the western people.

In the first chapter one of her book, she has rejected the view of missionary feminism. She feels that feminism has been idealized basic its reference only in the culture of western people. His is a wrong conception as not all cultures are the same with western culture, therefore, advocating for transnational feminism is a wrong idea since has not put into considerations of other cultures and whether that can incorporate the issue of feminism o the way the cultural context of other people from western culture.

Serene feel that the idea of feminism should be based on her arguments on h to improve the lives of women in the society as well as fight for women rights against sexist oppression. She feels that feminism should be advocated if instead it does not advocate for feminism but rather opts to advocate that women should not be sexually discriminated. This argument is a relevant one and she has stood said feminist for equality is just a short term is a short term interest for ladies but if people in the society advocates against the oppression of women, this will have effect in the long term in the society (page, 17).

Take for instance research is done in recent past This research showed that feminism can be attained but on a short term basis, from this research, women born in the United States are likely to earn less than their fellow white women than men born in the same places. This research found that these issue of sexual inequality between men and women is however dictated by the level of sexism that occurs in these particular regions.

Therefore, with reference to is research work, Serene’s view are valid. The issue of feminism does not prove to be influential in e-society. This is because, if feminism is effective, these issues of salary earning between men and women could not have been existence between white men and white men. This is what supports the argument of serene that universalism should be on issues that people should advocate against sexist. This approach is not concerned with equality but rather promoting individual’s women lives in society. Equality in such a research case study means equal salary which can be achieved only during a short time but if white people are against women discrimination in jog environment, more could be absorbed and earn better salaries even if is not with what is earned by white men.

Serene Khader has also shown how universalism of missionary feminism is not compatible with different cultures worldwide. This means that feminism is only possible in the United States but other cultures are better if the universalism is based on discouraging oppression on the basis of the gender rather than advocating between men and women. She feels that this is the only form of universalism that is compatible with all cultures worldwide (page 38). This is a very good argument as people with different cultures have a different perception of gender difference. Thus encouraging people to stop oppressing women can be accepted all over the world that when it is being approached on the issue of equality between men and women.

In chapter three of delocalizing universalism, feminist do advocates for freedom from traditions. Feminist wants people to deny their tradition so as their campaign for equality can be successful. This is not however possible all over the world. Serene has therefore explored the limits of feminists as their campaign is only locked within the western culture. ‘Others’ are not subjected to the campaign as their cultures are totally different from western culture. The word other in this case refers to women in the third world countries. Others might be living in an environment where men are not ready to neglect their traditions that dictated their superiority over women and this is what limits the influential nature of the campaign of feminism.

In both chapter four and five, serene in the piece of writing has focused on how feminist do not acknowledge the contribution of separate gender in society. Serene views in acceptance that different gender have differentiated roles that they play in society. Feminist have failed to accept this fact and for them advocating for equality is in one way or the other neglecting that there is what men can do and women cannot do in their coexistence. This, therefore, shows that these two genders cannot be equal in any way and for that reason. She has argued that ‘others’ adopt the doctrine of headship-complimentarian for their existence but this has been neglected by feminists. She has said that this doctrine requires women to specialize in house chores while men play the authority part for the well-being of these women (page 108).

Her approach on the issue of feminism puts us in a dilemma whether to promote feminism accept the fact that each gender has their special contribution to the society we are living in. This means that, if we have to accept the contribution of differentiated gender role, then we have to reject the doctrine of feminist in our society. Her argument against feminism can lead us into an argument that instead of feminism universalism, people should advocate against sexist as this will be accepted in any society worldwide. This context and approach are more transnational than the doctrine of feminism

I, therefore, stand to agree that society should not go form feminism as this context is based on western culture but instead, everybody in the world should advocate against sexist in the world. Explaining to people how they can coexist better with others by accepting differentiated contribution is more likely to be accepted by people with different cultures and traditions than when you go campaigning for equality between men and women.

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