Cultural Comparison

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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We the people live in a highly culturally sensitive society. Everyday we discover different cultures to experience, and appreciate. Groups of individuals make their way out of the woodwork to find acceptance. Nonetheless, a stigma continues to reside in our society; the idea that women are far more inferior to men. A stigma such a this one has been embedded into our society with roots leading back to the early nineteen hundreds.

The role of the woman has changed drastically. We no longer are expected to constantly tend to household duties, or simply serve as a nurturer and not a provider.

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A woman’s role in society is just as complex and limitless as women themselves. Yet, women, myself included, are to this day indirectly affected by sexist ideology. Though in the United States, this stigma has become less apparent compared to the culture of the 1940-50s, in other countries, women’s role in society could classify the entire gender as a different class entirely.

None of this is naturally known, to be able to oppress a group of people your actions or words must be learned. Stereotypes about women being weaker, less intelligent, just being seen as lesser compared to men, are not new. These thoughts have been bounced around through generations, and repeated due to observational learning – tasks being learned through observing others, which can be either positive or negative behaviors – in this case, negative, whether it be through crude humor or blatant bigotry. “Humans are active informations processors and thin about the relationship between their behavior and its consequences” (Bandura, 1977). In that case, just how children learn aggression through observation with the famous Bobo doll experiment (Freis, 2019), they could also learn or prejudice in a society that is increasingly diverse; much needed action should be taken by parents to enforce appropriate behavior.

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