Decade Sports: Strategies for Industry Success

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Updated: Sep 07, 2023
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Decade Sports is a private and an independent sports company that ensures the highest quality in arranging the international sports events. The quality thus provided is ensured that the clients businesses have sufficient scope for expanding and sustaining. The employees of Decade sports are scattered in offices in London, Barcelona and Berlin.

Decade Sports is a 20 year old organisation in offering Sports hospitality and organising events at Global sporting events like Champions league, World championships in Football and Formula 1. Decade sports clearly understand the objectives of its clients and provide them with the relevant sporting stage to express themselves and simultaneously measuring their actions at every key step of their company’s growth.

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Pioneers in Hospitality

Hospitality is offered at its highest level at various sporting events for the clients and guests and this setting offers them to exchange business ideas, to learn and know more, potential collaborations and more. Decade sports ensures this continuity by consistently delivering great value for the hospitality provided. Formula 1 is the prime example where utmost hospitality is enjoyed surrounded by loads of sponsors, market opportunities and potential clients. Decade sports network ensures that clients keep meeting the right people at right times. The clients businesses will have a local and global lasting impact.

Apart from Hospitality

  • Handling the ongoing financial and marketing aspects of young athletes and helping them to balance their assets
  • Wealth management for retired and current athletes.
  • Continuous investment in Tennis, Golf, Football, Motorsport and Basketball
  • Administrating and directing the careers of the athletes.

Services Offered


Marketing an athlete is vital to ensure the growth and the brand. Decade sports takes care of the endorsements and the public appearances of the athletes.

Social Media

Off the field branding is also important with channels like social media giving decade sports a major platform to boost the brand and enhance the image and career of an athlete.

Admin tasks

Various admin tasks like arranging the travelling and accommodations for athletes and clients.

Financial advisors

Apart from just being an organisation that takes commissions of the athletes, Decade Sports is more about having good relations with their clients and athletes. They take care of the wealth of their athletes and also advising them on their future investments.

Giving back

It is always important to understand the roots of one’s own. Decade sports regularly participates in charity events in Barcelona, giving away tangible things like jerseys and various other sporting goods.

Some numbers in the sporting events

  • Revenues from sports events amounts to $25, 400m in 2019
  • Annual growth rate of 8.4%
  • Expect revenues to hit $35,050m by 2023
  • The penetration of the user is 3.8% in 2019 and will hit to 4.2% by 2023
  • Average revenue for user is around $90

Above numbers based on the below parameters

The below are considered In-Scope that makes money

  • The tickets which are sold online for major events like football, formula 1 etc
  • The digital tickets containing QR codes
  • The tickets that are brought online but printed at home or posted to home
  • The tickets bought online which are eligible to be collected at the physical store

The below are considered Out-of-scope

  • Telephone bookings, offline reservations
  • The tickets that are not related to sporting events
  • Catering is not included.


Balancing the athletes

A sports agency might boast of having many star athletes with them but it is useless if they are not well look after. The fans play an important role in enhancing the brand of an athlete. Star athletes have many fans and they ought to be notified any huge update from the athlete. In these cases, the sports agencies must capitalise the huge fan base and invest on marketing their athletes giving them more monetary income through these social media channels. On the other hand, less popular athletes must be encouraged time to time by incentives, giving importance to them. The sports agency is just like any corporate company that looks after its employees but only with much care.


The key challenge for Sports Agencies it the way they measure their return on investments. There are a couple of measurement tools like StoutSocial and Opendorse which can measure a return from any kind of sponsorships or marketing activities.

Gender Inequality

Sports has been long prevailed by the inequalities in Gender in opportunities, exploitation, pay and more. But as more and more countries have female sports at the very highest level with huge fan bases, there is still lot of work to be done. It can start with the Sports Agencies implementing same ground rules for male and female athletes, albeit pay may vary depending on the sport, it should not vary a lot.

Capitalizing on technology

There are always new trends in sports industry, be it the advertising, or marketing, or the sponsorship activities, companies have always found a way to be more interactive with the fans and their clients. Potential breakthroughs in AI and 5G will alter the way in which people react to their sporting teams and Decade sports should adapt its way in to the future.

New Markets

As the world is further globalized, new market opportunities are always opened. Finding new talent from Russia, Brazil, China, India, Africa and other developing countries is crucial as the cost of maintaining those athletes will be cheaper and agencies can gain a lot more sustainable income as well as giving amazing careers to the young and upcoming athletes.


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