Same Sex Marriage: Annotated Bibliography

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Updated: May 10, 2021
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Same Sex Marriage: Annotated Bibliography essay

The author is an elite researcher and pro-gay sex marriage activist. The content of the book is credible enough as it relates to the subject matter by describing current statistics and trends. The author provokes the mind of readers to assume change of mindset and perception towards gays and lesbians or a better future. The author discusses the need for society to have a different mind as regards homosexuality. The author argues that same-sex marriage is healthy. It stresses for essential points that outline the emotional and physical dangers of gay marriage. It employs quotes from diverse references to emphasize each of the claims. It also does compare mixed-sex marriage and same-sex relationships stressing that conventional marriages do not last as long and are not healthier. Finally, the author argues why same children should adopt children. The author makes uninformed allegations using inappropriate material that can be easily challenged. For instance, the source associates only the mixed-sex relationships to what marriage should be.

It is the assumption of every citizen that they deserve to be accorded certain rights by the government. This is right because a citizen that is law abiding and makes his contribution to the growth of the economy by paying taxes ought to be taken care of by the government of the day. The government does this by; upholding and protecting their civil/human rights as enshrined in the constitution.

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The author is a staunch defender of the heterosexual marriage. The author is quick to debate and provoke readers to change their minds on the concepts that seek to make homosexuality seem like a trait acquired from birth. Staver argues that homosexuality is a condition inflicted upon an individual due to their environment and turned into a habit through constant use. The author likens homosexuality to lying by pointing out that no human being is born a liar, people just learn how to lie based on their environment. The author suggests that habits can be learned, and they can also be unlearned. This is a detailed summary of information about homosexuals as well as gay rights. It has unequivocal arguments against the same-sex marriage. It points out the obscenity and perversion of nature that same-sex marriage creates. This author submits to the ideology that same-sex marriage should, in fact, be made illegal in all nations around the world.

The author is a distinguished scholar in the field of sociology and is well acquainted and informed on the psychological causes of homosexuality. The author is quick to suggest that homosexuality is an innate trait and cannot be changed even if society tried to repress it. The author describes the advancement of gay marriages as legislated in the United States of America from June 2004 to date. Talking about the laws passed by a variety of countries and political icons charged with the responsibility of passing the bills into law, it asserts that Connecticut, New York, Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire are the sole states whereby gay marriages are presently legalized in the United States. The timeline fundamentally shows that significant progress has been achieved in the last ten years but addresses that certain milestones still need to be covered towards the endorsement of same-sex marriage.

The author is well decorated for their contribution to the world of academia. Their contribution is accredited and easily verifiable based on a keen following of their research work. They write in support of the habit and thus defend those who practice it. The authors discuss the subject matter of homosexuality by giving very valid points. Most people do not have personal differences with the homosexuals as they are ready to coexist with them. This group of tolerant citizens only malign themselves from the gays because of their religious and church affiliation. The legalization of homosexuality won’t tamper with the church’s beliefs contrary to what many people think. Legalization of gay marriages won’t necessarily mandate or impose upon the churches a legal obligation to officiate the union of parties engaged in such. Churches will still retain the right to choose which marriages to officiate and which not to. This is essential because the freedom of religion has to be upheld too. Therefore, since the government and religious beliefs are distinctively different, homosexuality apart from the church ought to be conducted.

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