Career Paths in the Medical Field

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The United States has always been known for such a well-known country with a strong development of healthcare, with all of the opportunity presented in college I decided to further my education and start a career in this area. Throughout my entire life, education has been one of the most important things for me to be successful. As I began to grow I often get asked by this one question was: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’, and as a teenager, my answer was ‘I don’t know, yet.’ I was struggling to decide what is it that I wanted to do, after visiting my high school college fair, I found something that is interested me like medical and health-related field. When I told my parents what I am going to study in college, I got questions from my family like ‘Are you going to pre-med? Are you going to be a doctor?’ those questions are like what my family always wanted me to be. Then I realized my passion was not stopping at patient care like doctors and nurses. I want to be a part of the healthcare system that set a solid and firm foundation for the hospital’s trust to save patient’s lives. Not only for doctors to feel comfortable at their highest productivity work, but also keep patients to be cured well. As a matter of fact, I chose a path that I would embark myself in the future. Therefore, I found my burning desire is becoming a healthcare manager, specifically Medical and Health Service Manager.

At first, I thought this is just a desk job, which means I will be sitting on a working desk and doing hospital’s paper work from what is sound like, but it just way more than that. Being a Medical and Health Service Managers has endless opportunities in practice medical technology, manage an entire facility, or a department, a specific clinical area, or a medical practice for a group of physicians. It is also a time where healthcare management is changing more rapidly than any of the other field. As the field is changing in terms of the care that is delivered to patients, the services that provided, and how that care is being financed. This career is a great fit for me as I get to learn a bit of everything in term of medical career, I am also able to work with people that I always admire such as doctors, and most importantly, I am able to work and ensure that there is the best quality of healthcare services for patients. This is a field that will be in charge of managing and running a healthcare facility or a private medical center. Of course, in every field or careers, there are many requires skills, experiences, and duties that are critical for success.

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First, I have to graduate college with a bachelor degree of science in Healthcare Management major for at least four years to earn a perfection of skills, knowledge, as well as experiences required to enter the occupation. As I said this career is a good fit for me when I get to learn a bit of everything because this field is a combination of both medical/healthcare and business manager, it is required to courses such as health information systems, medical terminology, and hospital organization, law and ethics, research methods, human resources management, healthcare system, and operational management. Moreover, Healthcare Management degree also includes courses for business such as accounting, statistics, and strategic planning. There are also some basic skills that I have to be professionals such as communication, technical skills, and detail oriented that will help and support me for a firm background when I enter and commit my self in this occupation. Working in a healthcare system such as Medical and Health Service Management gives me the opportunity to care for patients as they recover, and assist other families when they are going through some of the most difficult times in lives. I also have the opportunity to work behind the scenes to keep up with patient’s records, and the medical facility running smoothly. As healthcare managers are needed in places like the hospital, nursing home or other healthcare centers, we are responsible and qualified for making sure that they are working effectively in order to ensure the best quality of healthcare for all patients.

Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a growth of twenty percent of the employment in this field from 2016 to 2026 which considered one of the fastest growing than almost any other fields. In May 2017, the median annual wage was reported for medical and health services managers was $98,350. Not to mention, the lowest ten percent of the employees earned less than $58,350 and the highest ten percent earned more than $176,130. With this in mind, Medical and Health Service Management is marked as one of the top medical industries for employment per year whereas: Hospitals; state, local, and private made $107,230; the government made $106,230; offices of physicians made $89,760; nursing and residential care facilities made $82,950. After I spend full time studying and exploring in school, this field is ideal for me. 

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