Women are Unvalued in their Career Path

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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To enter a global market, enterprises build a diversified labor force. Employees have diverse backgrounds, and gender differences provide a unique perspective, fostering creativity. Leaders guide these diversified employees to discover their potential, fostering a collaborative environment for sharing thoughts and ideas.

Enterprises hire managers or employees based on their ability, without gender discrimination. However, it’s important to stress the value of women’s leadership abilities. Despite a shortage of global managers and a demand for expatriates, women rarely receive promotions, even when they are more capable than men, not to mention the scarce opportunities for overseas assignments.

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This is the glass ceiling women often encounter.

Glass ceilings can result in women holding only lower positions within a business. Even if they aspire to more senior roles, promotion can be challenging to achieve. These ceilings not only disregard a woman’s ability to excel in top-tier positions, they also rob them of the opportunity to compete with more qualified colleagues.

When female expatriates receive overseas assignments, they exhibit abilities and skills comparable to their male counterparts. They stand out with their unique characteristics and cooperative spirit, demonstrating trust and compassion towards their employees. Even under unfair gender discrimination, they exude competitiveness and resoluteness.

Enterprises create a global management talent pool that sends employees from one country to another. Selection of expatriates for overseas assignments should be determined by their skills and international experience. Female expatriates often value their assignments more because the experience motivates them to acquire more knowledge.

In the selection process for expatriates, all employees are considered equally. Though female candidates are often less considered for overseas opportunities, self-recommendation is encouraged. Leaders can motivate female employees to advocate for themselves while the enterprise provides necessary support. For female expatriates with children, the enterprise bears the responsibility to ensure their well-being, thereby alleviating any distress and enabling the expatriates to carry out their assignments. Mentors can provide support for female expatriates facing difficulties. During the repatriation process, the enterprise ensures female expatriates feel accepted by other employees and that their jobs remain secure within the enterprise.

Female expatriates invest considerable effort when enterprises value them. Leaders who gather feedback from expatriates can effect change within the corporate culture. In turn, this can grow the talent pool of female expatriates. Through overseas experience, the status of women in the workforce can be improved, thereby diminishing the effects of glass ceilings and boundaries.

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