The Republic of Colombia

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The Republic of Colombia (better known as “Colombia”) is a very interesting county, filled with much art and history and music. It is home to the second largest capital city in South America, Bogota, and it is also known for the beloved sport of soccer. Along with the country being big on music, it is also home to two well-known Colombian singers, Shakira and Juanes. Just as any other country in the world, there are both good and bad things that are currently happening in Colombia.

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As far as something good, there are some beautiful forests in Colombia that are worth preserving. As far as something tragic, Colombia has had a recent tragic accident in its country. Also, Colombia has been experiencing some LGBT rallies as well. This paper will discuss how Apple, Inc. plans on protecting this forest in Colombia, a tragic mudslide that ended with deaths of people in Colombia, and how a homophobic encounter led to an entire rally in Colombia.

Apple, Inc. has some big plans for the earth, and they are willing to invest in the earth in order to protect it. Last year, Apple, Inc. started a project in Colombia to help better protect a forest, but they have just given out further details about the project recently. They are providing funding for the protection of a 27,000-acre mangrove forest within the area of Cispatá Bay. One may wonder why Apple has decided to invest in this, but they are really concerned about this forest being These type of forests can to take in carbon, and over half of these forest have been destroyed since 1940, and this will help reduce the rate of global carbon. This would also save money because instead of using machines to catch the carbon, the mangrove forest can absorb it. This is not the first time that Apple has invested in a project like this; they also have projects in China as well for their World Wildlife Fun. They also have partnered with the United States to invest in their Conservation Fund, which is also another project fund that helps preserve and protect forests in the United States. When trees are cut down, they release carbon dioxide that has been stored in it for many years, and that is not good for the environment because it enhances pollution. So it is important that forests are protected because they can definitely be good for the environment. This way, we can cut down on carbon emissions. With the locations of this forest, it can help protect homes that are closes to sea shores while the weather may be getting dangerous. This project in Colombia is assisting with the funding of a research institution in Colombia, where they measure how much carbon is in soil, trees, and plats. With this information, they can sell carbon offsets under the Verified Carbon Standard in Colombia. Apple believes that other companies should look into funding these types of projects as well to help preserve our plant, and to help reduce the effects of global warming. Also in Colombia, there has recently been a tragic accident.

Literally just a couple a days ago, Colombia has had a tragic accident that resulted in some of their people being killed. Sadly, there has been a huge unexpected mudslide that ended up burying some people in the southwestern Colombian province of Cauca This past weekend, they called for rain, which is not unusual for this area. There was heavy rainfall over the past weekend, and this rainfall made a big piece of a mountain top break of and turn muddy, causing a huge mudslide. Reporters say that landslides in Colombia are not uncommon, but this one resulted in the death of at least 28 people, some injured, and some people still missing, perhaps trapped under the mud. Since the weather is supposed to be getting bad down there for the rest of the week, there is a chance of the people experiencing extreme flooding. The mayor of this areas has had the people in his office to send out armed forces to begin a search and rescue for the people who are missing, and to help provide shelter to the people who family members have been hurt or killed, and the families who homes have been destroyed as well. The President of Colombia Iván Duque also came down to the tragic scene to bring supplies and assistance for the families in need as well. South America is not too keen on the idea of idea of homosexual relationships, so this has led to many protests in Colombia, including one in particular.

South America is filled with Latin American countries, and everyone knows that most people in the Latin American population are Roman Catholics, and that they are very strict when it comes to following the rules of their religion. So there are many people in Colombia who do not understand why people may be homosexuals and they do not believe in or approve of same-sex relationships. Very recently, there has been a protest in the capital of Colombia, Bogota, regarding the rights of the LGBT community. This was because of an incident in one of their malls where a homophobic man harassed Pedro Esteban Miranda and Nicolas Tellez, as young same-sex couple in the mall. The issue occurred when the man made verbally aggressive and insulting statements towards the young men, and the man claimed that he did this because the couple was behaving inappropriately in the store in front of some children. First of all, who would be behaving like that in a store in front of other people? That would be my question for the man. There was a police officer that ended up coming to confront this issue, but instead of speaking to the man, he cited the couple for exhibitionism and public sex acts. If they actually took the time to review the surveillance videos, they would have seen that the couple were not doing anything out of the ordinary, just things that couples do when they are together such as hugging and holding hands. Also, it is pretty normal in Colombia to see straight couples be affectionate in public anyways, probably more so that in America. Of course, in the world that we live in today, social media rules, and it was not happy about the situation at all. People argued that the public decency laws in Colombia fails to include same-sex people, and discrimination is illegal in this country, and they believe that that should be for all aspects. So there were hundreds of people that gathered in front of the same mall that the young men were accused for behaving inappropriately, and they held a Kiss-a-thon. The protest was filled with white roses, rainbow flags, which represents the LGBT community, posters, and plenty of same-sex couples kissing. Since this occurred a few days ago, no one knows the status of the young men yet concerning the police. I hope that young men can receive some justice.

I love the fact that Apple has invested in their money to help preserve the forest. It may be for public relations as well, but I do feel like the company really wants to help the environment. I just hope that other big companies will invest some of their money to help preserve and protect our environment as well. Speaking of environment, I know that the weather is unpredictable, but I truly feel saddened by the news of the people who lost their lives and homes in the recent accident in Colombia. It is tragic, and I know that the help that the mayor is trying to provide will not bring back the people’s family members, but getting the remaining people of the city in new homes is a good start. I feel like if an area knows that they receive bad weather, especially weather that can cause a huge mudslide, they should take more precautions for their people. Also, it is important that any country protects all of their people from discrimination as well, and that they should be ensuring the rights of all of their citizens. I understand that people have different views, but no one has the right to judge what is right and what is wrong. The man could have left the young couple alone, instead of causing this problem. At least the community responded in a peaceful way and not retaliate against their city. I hope that the young men will be able to find peace within all of this.

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