The Maze Runner for Readers

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In the Maze Runner there are a group of teens teenage boys, gladers, trying to escape the maze who were sent there by the Creators. There are no adults there to help them in the maze. A new teenager comes every month Unexpectedly, a girl arrives, which has never happened before. She is the last person to arrive and tells them that the ending is triggered. There are many of similarities, differences and exciting events in the Maze Runner book and movie.

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There are some similarities in the book and movie. One of the similarities is the setting which was the glade and the maze. In the glade there is a place where they cook and garden, and a graveyard that they buried the boys who died in the maze that they found. When the greenie, new arrival, came up in the elevator he enters the glade where all the other gladers are standing on the ground above the elevator looking at you then help you out. Another similarly is when Thomas runs into the maze to try and help Minho get Alby out because Alby got stung. Thomas ran into the maze and tried to help, but they couldn’t make it out in time. Thomas and Minho were in the maze all night and survived. When Thomas got out of the maze when the doors opened. Thomas got in trouble, but then he became a Runner.

Both the book and movie have similarities and differences. First, in the beginning of the book Thomas did not try to run off and escape, but he did try in the movie. Secondly, in the book it never rains at the glade, but it did in the movie. It got dark and cloudy but it never rained. Finally, farther into the book it says that the Grievers would come to the glade and only kill one person each night but in the movie the grievers were killing more than one person at a time.

The book is so much better than the movie. There are many reasons why I think so but mainly it’s because the book has more details and it is easier for me to understand. More detail helps me visualize the events and I am able to picture myself in it. The movie was okay but it did not have as much detail as the book. For example, the scene in the book, at the end where they were rescheduled, they were taken by bus. Where in the movie they were taken in a helicopter. The detail in the book not only helps me visualize but it also helps me understand what’s going on. That is why the book is better in my opinion.

After reading the book The Maze Runner and watching the movie, I have noticed there are lots of differences and some similarities. One of the differences that I noticed was the detail between the two. In the book there is a lot more detail compared to the movie. The detail in the book helps readers visualize and understand the events.

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